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Written by Steve Everett   
Friday, 05 June 2009 05:00
6/05/09 by Steve Everett
Wiffle Fashion of the KWL.

If you’ve been to a wiffle ball game lately then you may have notice all the team’s new uni’s and they all look great!  The Wildebeest actually have matching shirts, the Industrials have new digs and my personal favorite Monday Night 40’s are sporting full button up baseball mesh.  What you may have not noticed are all

the accessories that complement these teams’ jerseys; these are the parts and pieces that really make the player.
Since this is my new column, I’ll start off with myself.  After buttoning on my two-four green and white jersey, I have to wear tall socks, solid color that match.  I even went as far as getting tape to match my socks (red, yellow, and green).  To top off the new ensemble I have to wear my Boston Red Sox hat because it’s red, and because it’s my favorite baseball team. Red Sox nation baby!

All though I am new to the league, I quickly picked up that the tall socks seem to be a kind of tradition.  Many others wear these socks and it seems to be widely accepted.  Mike Raber has one of the more vast collections of tall socks, colors ranging from pink to his yellow socks that match the Lemons uniform. Other players on the Lemons choose the more traditional navy blue socks.  Commissioner Meyers started sporting the tall socks during the middle of the last season and this season has alternated between black and orange to complement the Industrial threads.

The next main accessory would be anything that covers the arms.  We all know the early days of the season can be a bit cold, so the Under Armour shirts are definitely seen as one of the more popular undershirts.  With this being said Mike Raber definitely loves this, and he even has a separate sleeve to match his team colors and apparently he wants to look more like Allen Iverson with the sleeve on; while others like Katie Meyers will choose the loose long sleeve shirt that still matches their team colors, often worn over the teams jerseys, but some will wear them underneath.

Hats have always been part of the uniform in baseball so most feel that it’s necessary to wear a hat while being a part of the KWL.  Others feel that they should just go without a hat, while one daring soul decided to go with a visor (it’s hot, trust me).  But the main question is; should the hat match the jersey?  In my honest and humble opinion, definitely!  The hat is part of your uniform and should be treated as such.  Some girls choose just to put their hair up, that’s fine, as long as your hair tie matches your team colors which I have yet to see a girl in the KWL do. But at least pitching star Melissa Brink
wears the same color head band as her jersey (also mad props to Lukas Pederson for finding a hat that matches your baby blue shirt).  The newest growing fad has become teams having their hats personally designed as the Shanghai Chuckers, and Industrials have done.  Well done boys, well done.
The jerseys of the KWL have been well designed and are all unique in their own way.  But yet again it comes down to the way you wear the jersey that makes the biggest statement.  Some are just t-shirts while others have the full button up jerseys.  (One guy forgot his jersey so he decided to bring along his fur coat and played in that (Benny Champaign)).  But hey, at least we all match right and look damn good doing it?
Now even though all of these accessories are important in the KWL, there are 2 things that are more important than that; having fun, and the way you play the game!  Here’s to you, you damn sexy KWL wifflers! 
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