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Written by Daryl Hutson   
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 05:00

Commissioners’ Mail Bag. by Daryl Hutson 7/7/10

The KWL gets many emails on a weekly basis.  Most are rather boring and mundane.  However, on occasion we get some really hilarious emails that just need to be shared so that everyone can enjoy!

Wiffleball Sucks!  Metallica Rules.  Cure_This@
I see on all accounts, we continue to disagree.


I see you league team ranked number 1 Tn Dodgers are bestest team nation ever you would come tournament to prove it Tim – Tennessee


Dear League Commissioner,
We are writing you in reference to several derogatory comments found on your website.  As a group that protects individuals from persecution under false pretenses, we must ask that you remove these comments as they are no longer socially acceptable. (Please see attached PDF)  David Stampson - Red Head Association of America

Are you taking legal action on the KWL, or are you just asking nicely for us to remove the content? If it’s the latter then I would kindly ask you to go outside and get sun poisoning.

Would you like to increase your Penis size? Extenze – Los Angeles, Ca.
I’ve been burnt by these claims before.  How can you assure me I will be getting the “gains” I’m looking for? ~BM

I see that you have continued to be an immature jerk.  Your wiffleball league is stupid and I hope you burn in hell.  LoveUinThoseBlueJeans@
I hope one day you decide to give back the testicles you're storing in your Coach purse.

May I please have the contact information for columnist Travis Branch.  I believe I have some things I could share with him.  Mrapist – Flesher Field.
This information is for sale; please contact me for price negotiations.

I recently logged on to your website to check out my sons stats.  I was thrown back by the poorly made jokes picking on my precious boy.  He is a very good son; you guys need to grow up! Zac's Mommy – Hillside, Mi.
Is it true you’re a stone cold fox? If so in 4-6 weeks we need to talk. ~BM

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