Worst of the worst! Week 11 Low-lights! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daryl Hutson   
Friday, 09 July 2010 14:24
Worst of the worst! Week 11 Low-lights!

It's always a special time for everyone when I have to break out the Low-Lights to recap the week's preceedings. Unfortunatly, not everything can be sunshine and butterflies and sometimes a good old fashion call out is in order! It's your honor for me to present, Week 11 Low-Lights.

The Wheels came off.
With the ace on the hill and the wind at his back, everyone expected 7 runs to be enough for Kevin Marzsalek to beat the Gentlemen and finish the Friars sweep on Monday. Low and behold, Kev is human! Much like grandpa's bowels, he lost complete control, and the Friars pulled their ace after giving up 4 runs and leaving the bases packed. Paul Wolf in relief, threw only a couple of pitches before Bryan Jennings put his team ahead for good with a Grand Slam. Kevin gave up 7 runs total, but was not responsible for the "L". Word is everyone still loves him.

9's the Majic Number!
How many people does it take on your roster to get the minimum (3 players) to show up? Well, if you are No Big Deal the answer is Nine! Apparently, John should look in the closet of "players to be" and make sure they don't have any skirts hanging. To busy for Wiffleball?! Can someone call the Whaaaammmbulance?

Jamey and a bike wreck.
If you were at Tuesdays games, you would have noticed a small hubbub around the Flesher West backstop. Jamey Detamore of the Diablos decided to throw his bat through a kid's spokes causing him to crash and land on his face. It was later discovered that the little kid was actually Travis Branch. On a serious note what's the deal with the Diablos taking out little kids? Does your whole team hit the sauce that many hours before gametime? If so, why am I not invited?

Eastside Expos caught speeding!
Running a little bit behind schedule, Manni and Book'em of the CCWA were speeding up US31 to make up some time, however they were stopped by Johnny Law and ran through the riggers of a sobrity test. Fortunatly they didn't go to jail, but they did have to pay the ticket on the spot. No word yet on what sexual favors were preformed to avoid time in the clink.

Triple Dog
I thought it would be classy to burn some left over meatsticks for those playing Thursday night, though I couldn't be bothered with counting. Therefore when it came time to bun the last few dogs and leave all you ass holes in the hot sun, I was heavy on pork snout and light on white bread. I could neither waste food nor be bothered with this problem.


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