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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 11:49
NL Divisional Series Match-ups.

After much speculation, we now finally have the #4 seed; the Belly Itchers. In a strange turn of events in the final week, the NL shuffled the deck and turned the playoff match-ups all around. Two 18-10 teams will face off on East, while the Diablos will attempt to dethrown the defending champs on West.

National League Divisional Series Preview


#3 Seed (18-10)

#2 Seed (18-10)

Kentucky Waterfalls vs. Monday Night 40s.

The #2 Monday Night 40s will host division rival and #3 seed, Kentucky Waterfalls at Flesher East. The game will feature a couple of marquee players that are strongly considered to be 2010's MVPs; Rensch and Steve Everett. A high powered 40s offense will try and fend of the Waterfalls up tempo pitching.

Waterfalls are 1-3 vs. the 40s
The 40s are 3-1 vs Waterfalls.

Waterfalls scored 2.5 runs per game against the 40s. (10 total)



The 40s scored 5.75 runs per game against the Waterfalls. (23 total)

Davis and Rensch combined are 1-1 with a 4.00 Era vs. the 40s.



The Everett Brothers are 3-0, 28k's and 2.33 Era vs. the Waterfalls.

Key Players this series.

Everyone knows that Brian Rensch can pitch AND hit, however he won't be able to win this series alone. Ryan Davis will make or break the series for the Waterfalls. He can not afford an outing like he did the first time around against the 40s. Ryan will also need to re-find his yellow stick and contribute heavily to the Waterfalls offense.

The big arguement against the 40s moving on in the playoffs is their up and down pitching staff. From top to bottom, they will need to start pitching and stop throwing batting practice. The key pitcher for this series will be Mason Everett. His ability or inability to throw strikes will certainly rest heavily on the length of the 40s playoff season.



#4 Seed (18-11)

#1 Seed (20-8)

Belly Itchers vs. Diablos.

The Diablos and Itchers have been battling it out since 2008, however until this season the Diablos have bee on the wrong end of every series. The now 20 win Diablos will look to knock off the Defending champs after they nearly missed this year's postseason.

The Itchers are 1-3 this season against the Diablos.
Diablos are 3-1 this season against the Itchers

Belly Itchers average 5.8 runs per game all-time against the Diablos.


The Diablos average 2.9runs per game all-time against the Belly Itchers.

The Itchers are 7-3 all-time against the Diablos.


The Diablos are 3-7 all-time against the Belly Itchers.

Key Players this series.

0-2 with a 2.00 Era against the Diablos this season, AJ Tate will need to channel some of his old pitching mojo and contribute from the mound during this series. If AJ continues to struggle, the Belly Itchers could be making an early exit at the hands of a divisional rival.

In order for the Diablos to move on to the Championship series, they will need Adam Nash to put up some better numbers at the plate. The team's leading hitter, has stuggled against the Belly Itchers pitching this season, hitting .222 (4-18) with 10k's.

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