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Written by Brian Meyers   
Friday, 24 September 2010 11:48

The Game of Divide. by Brian Meyers 7/23/2010

What just appeared to be the final week of FallBall and just another Championship game, turned into arguably the worst game of wiffleball played in the history of the KWL.  Who would have though that $80 per player to the winning team could cause the game we all play for recreation to become so personal and deep gouging?

Tuesday September 21st could mark the day that three teams could have suffered un-repairable damages due the outcome of the FallBall Championship; PF Flyers, 5 Dollar Pitchers and Snowsuit.  All three teams had players pitted against each other, leaving them outside of speaking terms with the close of the final inning. “WE are going to Waldo’s, THEY are not invited!?” exclaimed Kyle Hess at the close of the final inning.

From the first pitch of the game, the tension in the air could have been diced up with a Slap Chop, both teams playing as if they needed the $80 to pay their rent.  Starting the game off on the wrong foot with 8 straight walks, the Squirel Hearders took a 4-run lead.  The Scoregasm pitchers finally settled in and Zac Adams and Kyle Hess hit back to back HRs to cut the lead in half in the top of the 3rd. But the momentum was short lived, as slopping fielding and a 2 run shot by Jeremy Martin reestablished the Hearders' 4 run lead with NL MVP Adam Nash and ROY Ryan Davis slated to throw the remaining innings.
Nash struggled to find the strike board on this night, and in his final inning (top 6) he ran into a real jam. A series of walks lead to two runs for the Scoregasm and the bases were still loaded with two outs and John Liberty stepping to the plate.

That's when things made a turn for the worse. By one eye-witness account, Liberty hit a hard grounder back to Nash which he was unable to get down on and field. The ball continued into right field. By the time the right/center fielder had gotten it back in to Nash, Matt Jennings and Matt Zobal had come in to score and Liberty had made the turn to second by a full two steps. The game had been tied up and would be decided by the final three innings...but wait!  It turns out Nash had called Liberty out at first. Members of Scoregasm were shocked with disbelief. They began arguing the call while the Squirrel Hearders mostly kept quiet and let their pitcher's call stand Eventually a "do-over"was called for from on looking players on the other field.

Once again, Liberty came up big, hitting a hard grounder down the left field line. But once again he was controversially called out and another "do-over" ensued. However on this do-over, Nash struck Liberty out to end the inning.  From this point forward, the game would never be the same. "That was the most blatantly wrong call and worst show of sportsmanship I've experienced in my three years with the KWL," said a very furious Matt Jennings. "It wasn't just that Lib was so obviously safe on the first hit, but that nobody on their team had the integrity to overturn the call."

The final innings would play out in the fall darkness,ending any

opportunity for Scoregasm to overcome the 6th inning.   The Hearders would go on to win 7-5, securing the loot.  But the one thing the 80 bucks can’t cover up was the sheer ridiculousness all 13 players looked on this Fall evening.  When we asked the FallBall Commissioner for comment, Daryl responded saying “If this is how classless the game becomes when there is money on the line, FallBall dues will go towards pizza from now on!” Clearly disappointed with the outcome of the final week, Daryl declined any further comment.

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