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Written by Daryl Hutson   
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 16:59



Worst of the Worst - Gift Ideas

Here is my gift to you during this Christmas season. As always, I have done all the hard work to come up with gift ideas for those hard to buy for around the KWL.  You can thank me with Christmas cookies, or cold hard cash.  I'm not picky.

PF FlyersTuesday Night Players

A gift that keeps on giving every time the green machine is schedule to play on Tuesday Nights!  This gift not only would be a great gift for the Pfffff Nation, but also a gift to all the interleague teams that have to play them;  cutting back on reschedules, 2-man games and Liberty calling the hours before the games to ‘figure something out’. Bonus points if the player dresses like they just stepped off the field of a Washington Senators baseball match.

Lemons – Any Players

Even the handi-capable kid will work.



Belly ItchersProphylactics

You wouldn’t normally think of a lubed latex as a great gift idea, but the only thing that changed for the Belly Itchers last year was the child barring-ness of significant others.  99.9% effectiveness could be exactly what they need to once again become league champs.

Diablos Instant Replay

This is like buying your wife a new TV as it benefits you as much as her.  "Thanks to Gordy, the founder of ABC Warehouse, the price of HD video recorders is a small price to pay for a fair Diablos game.1"




The Gentlemen Time Machine

Each year it becomes more and more of a stretch to believe that the Gentlemen once ruled supreme across the entire KWL.  If only they could go back to 2007 (or 2008) and bottle some of that Magic; they could once again be relevant in championship discussions.  They could also deliver the aforementioned replay gear to the Diablos, which would have saved many fights, discussions and turmoil with the Indies.

EveryoneKevin Marsz

The next best thing to a free dozen donuts, it’s a gift every time you get the opportunity to play Kevin. Surround by the butterfly kisses and unicorn farts, Marsz has easily become the “Best Gift of 2010”.


Merry Christmas, dammit.

1Travis Branch via satellite. 

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