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Written by Brian Meyers   
Thursday, 03 February 2011 16:25
Team Comparisons; National League Teams by Brian Meyers 2/3/2011

A tough act to follow after the '2010 NWLA Columnist of the Year' did a phenomenal job drawing comparisons of the AL teams!  Some of the comparisons he made, I must say, were spot on!  Thanks for setting the bar so high Ry-dog...  So without further ado, here is my attempt at comparing the teams of the National League.

Belly Itchers – Post Dynasty Cincinnati Reds
From 1970-1976 the Big Red Machine is recognized amongst the best in baseball.  From 2007-2009, The Belly Itchers earned the same recognition, just from the Wiffleball world.  In 1978 (Reds) and 2010 (Itchers) the post Dynasty rebuilds began.  Both teams lost their hitting stars; Rose and Bontrager.  Fan favorite Tony Perez didn’t return, and KWL Fan favorite Nate Oullette did the same.  The rosters were rebuilt, but neither could finish better then 2nd place.  The Reds didn’t win another Championship until 1990, 14 years after their previous.  So the question remains, how many wiffle years before the Itchers win again?

Diablos – Recent Tampa Bay Rays
Shocking everyone the Diablos rolled off a 20-8 record after stumbling around in a tough division for many years prior.  Ending the run with a very humiliating series in the finals, The Diablos are easy to draw comparisons with the Rays of the last 6 years.   A name change (Indians to Diablos, Devil Rays to Rays), uniform color changes and a whole culture change marked large improvements for both the Rays and the Diablos. 

Scared Hitless – 2009 Detroit Tigers
For those of you that are Tigers fans, you can remember how disappointing this season was.  Same goes for those that followed along as Hitless embarked on their first season.  That season the Tigers held a healthy lead as they looked to be bound for the playoffs before they carelessly dropped games that left them in a game 163, play in game, which they lost.  Game 29 was no different for Hitless, getting bombed by Itchers 8-0.  The Tigers could have avoided this with just 1 win over the Royals, for Hitless just 1 win over the No Big Deal and they would have been playing in the Playoffs instead of falling apart in the Tom Sellick.

Lemons – Pittsburg Pirates
Or known to the rest of the league has a “Farm Team”.  The Pirates have been giving away every talented player that has step one foot in the teams clubhouse, a trend that has been followed by the Lemons of the KWL.  While the Pirates have given away the likes of: Aramis Ramirez, Brian Giles, Jason Bay, and Nate McLouth for nothing in return, the Lemons have given away: Nash, Gladysz, Labadie and Brian Barber with only an empty roster to show for it. 

Kentucky Waterfalls – Oakland Athletics
If the Athletics are known as ‘Green Color Baseball’, the Waterfalls would surely be known as ‘Blue Color Wiffleball’  after naming their team after the McGwire’s and Canseco’s early 90’s Mullets.  The Waterfalls have shown the early makings of many Athletics teams, winning nearly 65% of their games.  Ryan Davis, the Waterfalls GM, has also been known for flicking his ‘Beane’ as he tends to build the team from the inside bringing in new talent instead of seeking the high priced free agents.

5 Dollar Pitchers – Chicago Cubs of any Era
No matter what their record is, nationwide people will continue to love the Chicago Cubs.  And much like the Pitchers, people go to Cubs games not just for the game being played, but for the fun environment that can only be experienced at the game;  a substandard audio (Grimm’s boom box), cheap beer (Bud Light) and fans that pay more attention to the party then the game.  Look on the bright side, even the Cubs managed to pull off a 97 win season recently (2008), no reason why the Pitchers can’t overcome their history too! There is always next season!

Sidewinders – Bad News Bears (Fictional team)
A team composed of a near-sighted pitcher (played by Matt Schave), a foulmouthed shortstop with a Napoleon complex (played by Adam Dobbs), an outfielder who dreams of emulating his idol Hank Aaron (played by Scott Twiss), and a motley collection of other "talent" (Chris Phillips, Becci Dobbs and Michelle Arnold.)  The KWL’s Sidewinders are only a lovable old drunk and a motorcycle riding bad boy away from turning into the league champs!


Golden Ponyboys – 1998-2000 Cleveland Indians
During the 1999 season, the Indians became the first team in the Modern Era to score 1,000 (1,009 to be exact) runs in a single season,  6.23 runs per game! However, things changed after 2000 when Manny Rameriz left for a big contract with a large market team (Bo Sox).   The MN40s (now Ponyboys) set a record of similar stature scoring an eye-popping 192 runs during the 2010 regular season, 6.86 runs per game!  But not long after they ran in that 192nd run, Steve Everett took a page out of the book of Manny leaving for a large market team in the KWL (Indies).  The Indians were able to return to the playoffs in 2001 and posted an impressive 91-71 record, leaving hope that the Ponyboys can still maintain their prowess without Stevey being Stevey.

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