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Written by Brian Meyers   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 22:29
Pitch-Out: Kevin Marszalek by Brian Meyers 3/9/2011

For the past 8 months, I have been trying to get an interview with arguably the leagues best player, Kevin ‘The Icon’ Marszalek.  After giving me more excuses then a 15 year old after busting curfew, he finally he agreed to meet!  (I said I was from SI, so hope he doesn’t sue me!)

Kevin grew up in suburbs of Chicago, so it’s really no surprise to hear that at a young age, he latched onto Soccer (Yes his mother also drove a Mini Van with a vinyl soccer ball sticker on the rear window).

Starting as the outside midfielder for Chicago Magic Soccer club at the

age of 14, Marsz had the opportunity of a lifetime to play in a tournament game on Soldier’s Field!  It’s really no surprise that this would be one of his most memorable moments as a young athlete.   His success as an amateur athlete continued, as he helped his High School team to a 2002 State championship (amazingly, he never had a prom date!).

Continuing his early success, Kevin headed to Western Illinois University.  For 4 seasons he played Center Midfielder with his team winning their conference his junior and senor year, before losing in the NCAA tournament to Northwestern.

By day Kevin now works for PNC bank working with Cooperate accounts.  By nights, he works to become the first majorly marketed wiffleball player in the Nation! (soon you will be able to purchase ‘Icon’ brand wiffleball equipment)

Since popping onto the KWL scene in 2009, Kevin has dominated league earning two MVP awards, 1 Cy Wiffle, 1 Yellow Slugger, 2 All-star trips, 2 Homerun Crowns, 1 Championship and most importantly a very deserving nickname. (I can’t believe butter nipples never stuck…). Despite the long list of accolades, Kevin is one of the most grounded and well liked players in the entire league.  Both trends that show no signs of slowing down!

Who do you think killed Jacques Rimmier?
I think it was [Ryan] Winfield.

Can you knit or crochet?
That’s a little too personal. What I do in my free time with yarn and thread is my business!

What MLB player would you like to challenge to wiffleball?
Grady Sizemore.

What team do you least like to face in the KWL? Why?
Industrials, I feel bad when we win.

Who’s if your favorite KWL Ginger and why?
Is there such a thing as a favorite ginger?? Gotta be Grimm. Got the music blasting, drinking on the bench, all around fun time.

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