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Written by Brian Meyers   
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 10:35
Pederson Faces Perjury Charges by Brian Meyers 4/6/2011
Townhall posse’s star slugger Lukas Pederson faces possible perjury charges after allegedly lying in his Grand Jury Testimony from 2009.  “Lukas’s name has come up on many of our investigations of possible steroid use in the KWL.” said lead investigator Norman Neywether. “And because of this, we do believe he lied about his use in his

testimony from 2009”.  Norm has been digging up dirt on many KWL stars after some reports from local park goers in early 2009 of guys shooting up before games in the park restrooms.  Lukas has denied all allegations of his possible violations, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that shows otherwise.

A key witness and local Oshtemo Township resident has testified that he walked in on Lukas and another un-named player shooting up on what appeared to be steroids on a spring evening in 2009.  “I walked into the bathroom expecting to see a turd plugged toilet, but was shocked to see two guys injecting themselves with a needle.  At first I thought they might be junky disc golfers, but then I noticed the jerseys and it was obvious they were wiffleball players.”

Former teammate Tony Leveque recently made it known to Mr.

Neywether that Lukas was introduced to Steroids in late 2008 after struggling to put up numbers during his rookie season.  Leveque has even gone on record that he once reluctantly helped Lukas inject before a game against the Cure. Tony’s statements are backed by Lukas’s surge in his sophomore campaign where he hit .431 with 18 homers.  A very stark contrast of his .196 average and 4 longballs produced in his first season.

Lukas, who is a major target of the investigation, was unavailable for comment after leaving Kalamazoo for a weeklong business trip to San Diego.   Mr. Neywether believes that the trip has less to do with business and more to do with acquiring more growth hormone. “It’s a bit of a coincidence that he’s heading alone to California just weeks before the season gets underway” Norman said. 

The Townhall Posse front office released the following statement Monday after learning of this latest report:

“Lukas Pederson is our franchise player and we will continue to support him regardless of the allegations.  He has given posse fans plenty to cheer for and works hard to improve his game on a daily basis.  His work ethic is second to none and that can be accredited towards his vast improvements.  We do believe as an organization, that Mr. Leveque’s comments are completely fabricated and meant to be malicious.  We look forward to a successful 2011 season for our team and Mr. Pederson.”

Lukas has been advised by his counsel to avoid questions regarding the investigation.

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