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Written by Brian Meyers   
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:37

4/13/2011 by Brian Meyers
American League 2011 Preview.


A lot has transpired since the 2010 season came to an end, free agents on the move, players retiring and rookies being added. So in order to help get you up to speed on what has gone down, here is a break down preview of every team! So, let's start in the American League!

Town Hall Posse.

Who are they?
Formerly known as Snowsuit and the Icy Road, the Town Hall Posse consists of the same core group of Lukas, Matt, Brink and Henderson. Once again gone, Josh Little's roster spot has been filled by free agent and former Lemon Brandon Labadie.

What to expect?
For two straight seasons, they have finished 3rd in the AL. With the addition of Labadie, they finally have a 3-(wo)man rotation! Labadie and Brink throw the same type of heat and should certainly finish about the same as years prior. Team Page

Sittin' Ducks.

Who are they?
A now veteran laden Girls team that is embarking on its 4th season as the Ducks. Amber, Shevonne, Katie, and Mary have returned. Lynds is out and replaced by returning KWLer Brandi and rookie Samantha.

What to expect?
Expect to play down some. If you go out and look to pad your stats or thump them into the ground, they will make your evening less than pleasant. Bat opposite handed and let some of the bad pitchers on your team have some innings. Also, be aware of the fact that they get an extra outfielder! Team Page

Shanghai Chuckers.

Who are they?
Four players who have stuck with the Chuckers since their inception in 2008; John Q, Matt Q, Mausen and Vantreese. Lost to free agency is Scudder, but he has been replaced by an exceptional looking rookie, Conor Barr. Also joining the Chucker fold is free agent rookie Nick Smith.

What to expect?
If they can get some production from their rookies, they could finally get back into the .500 range. Good team defense always helps keep them in the game. Don't pitch to John Q like he is an old man, because he will make you pay! Team Page


Who are they?
The same group that rattled off a 22-6 regular season in 2010, minus Don Kern and plus free agent superstar Steve Everett. The Franchise has been around since 2006 and has posted a league best 84 wins since.

What to expect?
After four straight seasons coming just short of the Township series, expect a title run or bust! Games against them can either be intense or laid back with handfuls of PG13 banter. They can often switch back and forth between the two in a single inning. Team Page



Who are they?
The defending 2010 Champions are led by Triple Crown winner Kevin "The Icon" Marszalek. Their roster remains the same with the exception of the acquisition of Steve Scudder.

What to expect?
The Friars are the KWL team to beat and will be tough to top even for the best of the competition. Ross will anchor the staff, Marsz will anchor the lineup and Gladysz will anchor the defense. Team Page

The Gentlemen

Who are they?
A Gentlemen roster that resembles that of the elite 07-08 version. Three tool KWL Star Bryan Jennings, MVP candidate Kyle Hess, Dan Meach and two crafty veteran's Tony Pedrolini and Scott Wielenga. Returning free agent hurler Brian Barber rounds out the roster.

What to expect?
The last time Barber was on the roster, they were in the upper echelon of the KWL with legitimate championship aspirations. If (and that's a big if) Jennings remains healthy, the Gentlemen will once again be a heavy weight contender. Team Page


PF Flyers.

Who are they?
A rag-tag group that's held down by MVP candidate John Liberty. Their 2010 roster remains intact with a key addition of ex-Lemon free agent Justin James.

What to expect?
One of five teams in the AL that will end up competing for the four playoff spots. You should see big improvements from Jeremy Martin and Justin James. They will probably be more consistent from week to week then they were in 2010.
Team Page

No Big Deal.

Who are they?
This could take awhile...just kidding...They actually only have five on their roster this season! Prihoda, Zobal, Tyler, Humphries and future rookie of the year candidate Bryce Watson.

What to expect?
Laid back atmosphere and plenty of chatter! They should be shooting for the .500 mark and one of the top seeds for the Tom Selleck. Team Page

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