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Written by Matt Jennings   
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 11:25
Money in the Bank - 2nd Edition. By Matt Jennings 4/20/11

Welcome back to all my KWL high rollers and risk-takers.  If you are anything like me, that bank roll you won on UConn is slowly drying up and that gambler’s itch is nagging at you worse than those sores that popped up after that regrettable St. Patrick’s Day evening.  Despite several veiled threats from Commissioner Meyers regarding betting on games I partake in, I’m here to once again let you know which action to take during an exciting Opening Week in the KWL. Don’t bother throwing away your money on the MLB, NBA playoffs, or American Idol.  Those bets are all

fixed, and if you aren’t the one doing the fixing, you’re going to end up screwed.  Just ask the newest Industrial Steve Everett.  A reliable source has informed me that his teammates Daryl Hutson and Brian Meyers had to float him a $100,000 loan to pay off a debt he racked up betting on the Red Sox at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.  His family and teammates will swear to you he was in Georgia on business, but credit card receipts and the JCR Off-road accounting books say otherwise.

Without any further ado…

Money for Nothing – it's like selling drugs without the risk!

Diablos (A. Ross) +120  vs.  Friars (Scudder)  -130 – This is the match up of the week and should prove to be a good one.  It also should be easy money.  The Friars are a one run favorite, but you’re not going to need it.  Take the Diablos money line to the bank.  It’s pretty clear the Friars got their ring and got complacent.  The Icon made good use of the “Free Hot-N-Ready for Life” card he got for shooting an ad for Little Caesar’s and may not be in game shape until after the break.  Insiders have also speculated that Mars won’t be able to control Andy Ross’s ego for a second season in a row.  Meanwhile, Jim Noel has been even more crazed in his pursuit of a Mullany Cup after coming so close last year.  The Diablos have been practicing 5 days a week since Fall Ball ended and have an “every game matters” mentality.  If there were more on the line for the Friars, this would be a much tougher call, but these early season games really don’t matter to them.

Brian Meyers –Total strike outs  IND vs. THP o/u 8.5 – You’re gonna want to take the over on this one.  (A little word of advice; When somebody who will be batting 4 or 5 times tells you to take this type of prop bet, it’s a good idea to listen to him.)

Will Any Week One Games Be Cancelled – Even Money. You have 50/50 odds on this one, and I think you have to take the “No.”  KWL wifflers have anxiously been awaiting this week for months and won’t let anything stand in their way.  From our own personal rain-soaked battles with The Gentleman, I can attest to the fact that sometimes playing in the rain is more fun. 

Money Down the Drain – Place your bets…or just remove money from wallet and light on fire.

Golden Pony Boys vs. The Scared Hitless – Pick Em.  Rumor has it Adam Kuzmin set a personal goal of setting the KWL single season strikeout record.  When this One-Eyed Wonder is pitching, don’t expect there to be much offense.  The question will be whether he will get run support.  There are too many unknowns about the Hitless offense and the entire Pony Boy team at this point to confidently wager on this matchup.

Chuckers vs. $5 Pitchers (-2) – The Pitchers may have talent, but they didn’t show it last year (except when they played us.) For them to be a two run favorite this early in the season is a questionable line.  Both teams have struggled in the past and the only odds I’d take in this one is the over on how many members of the Pitchers show up drunk/hung over or the over on the volume level Grimm’s boom box.

Will Brian Jennings Hit a HR?  Yes -120 No +150 – If it was June or July and I was getting these odds, I’d put $1,200 on the yes and take my easy G to the bank.  No Big Deal is unlikely to show up with two aces and BJ is arguably the best hitter in KWL history (and my personal favorite player.)  The problem is, its spring in Michigan.  Anyone who has lived in this state longer than 10 minutes knows the weather is as unpredictable as a Charlie Sheen monologue.  If the winds pick up and blow in, Cecil Fielder himself wouldn’t be able to hit one out.  Not to mention there is always the chance of a tornado, tsunami, earthquake, or blizzard slowing the HR pace down.  Do yourself a favor and wait a few months until you just have to deal with a breezy summer night before taking these prop bets.

If You’re Feeling Lucky- A gamble in the truest sense of the word.

Who will hit the most HRs week 1?  - The favorite here, at 3 to 1, is John Liberty facing off against the Ducks, but those aren’t the odds I’m taking.  I could easily see Lib getting a few, but he’s not the kind of guy who is going to pad his stats.  If I’m taking this action it’s gonna be on Ben Gladysz in the middle of the pack at 10:1.  Just look at his name…it’s a combination of two of a gambler’s favorite words “Benjamin” and “G.”  It just sounds like he’s gonna make you rich.  Ben tore up the Diablos in the Township Series last year and while he may not be the biggest guy, he more than makes up for it with his uber-intense focus.  Also, if he loses my money, Mars won’t be the only Friar who gets nothing to hit this year, so go out there and swing for the fences, Benny.

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