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Written by Brian Meyers   
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 13:03
Down, but not out. by Brian Meyers 5/25/2011

In no more then 26 hours, the Town Hall Posse’s loss column grew by 3.  Dropping a make-up game Sunday night to the Industrials and getting swept by the Friars on Monday.  Slipping 6.5 games back in the American League North they will now begin a four week stretch that has them playing 3 teams with a combined record of 12-16 (HIT, CHU, 5DP, CHU).

“We hope to have a good 8 game stretch and with any luck, we can find ourselves close to .500 again” said Matt Jennings.  In fact, if the Posse can manage to rattle off 7 wins in the next 4 weeks, they will be back over .500 at 10-9 and possibly be back in the mix for a playoff run.  “It appears we are not going to have to face Kuzmin and his one eye next week, so that is certainly good news” Matt continued.  Great news considering Hitless’s other three pitchers have a combined ERA of 5.83!

Although making a division run might be a lot to ask for, their playoff chances are still good considering both wild

card spots are still in reach.  The Pf Flyers, who currently lead the AL Wild Card have the easiest path (.453 Opp. Win %), but the Town Hall Posse are not far behind (.493 Opp. Win %). 

“It’s just a matter of finding some consistency and with Brink and Labadie as their 1-2 punch, their bound to fall into some wins.” commented long time THP fan Mason Everett.  He continued “We found ourselves in a similar situation last season starting 1-6, but we finished strong and won our division!”  Words of encouragement that even Mayor Eric himself could not deliver.

“We’ll just take it week by week.” Commented team captain Lukas Pederson.  “And if that doesn’t work, we can always drink more!”

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