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Written by Ryan Winfield   
Monday, 06 June 2011 11:42

Musical Chairs Continues for No Big Deal! by Ryan Winfield 6/6/2011

When the 2011 season began, league historians gathered to discuss the hallowed records of the KWL. It was a lively, sometimes heated, discussion of the league’s achievements; which ones mattered, which ones were within grasp, and which ones were untouchable. The record number of players No Big Deal used during the 2010 season was never really discussed, as it was viewed as an anomaly. Surely there would never be another team so inept at keeping a roster together in the future. Well, Matt Zobal and his band of merry misfits beg to differ.

The buzz going into the current season around No Big Deal revolved around their solidified cast of players, all being fully committed to the cause of finishing out the season. “We’re just pumped to have a group of reliable guys now” said Zobal during the rules meeting. Some viewed NBD as a dark horse contender for a long run in the Tom Selleck tournament. Captain John Prihoda boasted that his roster was set at 5, and would remain that way throughout the season. Fast forward 6 weeks into the season, and the cast of No Big Deal has multiplied faster than rabbits in heat.

The injury bug has forced some of the roster moves; Prihoda had to call it a career due to chronic ankle problems. The team was forced to postpone a game after another roster defection, while a nasty toothache landed Bryce Watson on the DL. These moves

thrust Matt Zobal into the captain’s chair, a role that he may not entirely cherish. “John was definitely more responsible than me” says Zobal. After exhausting all of his options and going door-to-door begging for players, Commissioner Meyers rounded up 3 new players with interest in the league.

Will Hobbs, Corey Butts and Danny Trayor Jr. all made their KWL debut last Monday night, and in the process, NBD shattered their own record number of players used in a season with 10. Although they did drop an exciting second game to the Sittin’ Ducks, the new guys played a big role in the game 1 win. Corey Butts picked up his first

career KWL pitching win, while Will Hobbs blasted 2 home runs. Trayer also picked up his first 2 hits on Monday, all while entertaining the masses in a very suave sweater vest that he’s sure never to live down.

Only time will tell if this newest lineup of NBD will stick together, or if circumstances will force the team to bring in even more players, putting the record even further out of reach of other teams. “I hope we are set for good now,” says Zobal. “I'm just pumped to have a group of reliable guys now.”

Where have we heard that before?


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