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Written by Matt Jennings   
Thursday, 23 June 2011 19:19
Money in the Bank - Allstar Edition. By Matt Jennings 6/23/11

Most gamblers would tell you that summer is the slow season, with no football, basketball or hockey action to take.  I argue that summer is ripe with opportunities for making a quick buck.  There is a smorgasbord of action to take every day.  Major League Baseball is in full swing delivering 10 to 15 games a day, tennis has Wimbledon and the Davis

Cup, followed closely by the U.S.Open, three of four golf majors occur between June and August and most importantly, the annual KWL All-Star game in mid-June.

Under advisory (a.k.a. threat of legal action and death threats) from League Commissioner Brian Meyers and unhappy “investors,” I will no longer be providing my suggestions for how you should allocate your funds.  Instead, I republish the Vegas odds with my own take on them.  All commentary is strictly opinion and should not be viewed as reliable financial advice.



Steve Everett – 2:1      Defending HR champion Scuba is the odds on favorite to win it again.  If his pitcher can keep them coming in high, this one will be over before it begins.

John Liberty – 4:1        After a slow start to the season, Lib is finally starting to heat up.  He could take this contest if he is focused, but I think his priorities lie in getting the Flyers to the Township Series.

Adam Nash – 4:1         Nash has been one of the league’s most consistent sluggers the last two years.  The talent is there, but does he have the mental toughness to overcome the pressure?

Bryan Jennings – 5:1   Bryan is finally rounding back into form after last year’s knee injury.  If he doesn’t injure himself between now and Saturday, he has as good of chance as anybody to take the crown.

Adam Kuzmin – 6:1     Hands down the best one-eyed hitter in the league.  He touched me up for two HRs, and if he can hit my stuff, he can go deep on anybody.

Mason Everett – 6:1    A long shot, in my opinion.  He will be pressing too much trying to beat Steve.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m mad at him for stealing my team name and promotional ideas.

Zac Adams – 8:1         The Rodney Dangerfield of the KWL, Zac gets no respect.  Winning would provide “DeLantay” instant validation, as well as allowing him to shove it back in his naysayer’s faces.

Kurt Marlowe – 10:1   Vegas really doesn’t know too much about this dark horse rookie, but this former prep hoops standout has transferred his skills from the hardwood to the fields of the KWL.  Already a R.O.Y. favorite, a win here might ignite some MVP hype.


N.L. Funstars -2.5        Early odds have the N.L. Funstars as a 2 ½ run favorite.  It’s hard to say who will win without knowing the exact rules of the game, but they definitely seem to have more wiffleball talent.

Matt Jennings – 3:1    The 2010 FunVP is the favorite to repeat, but probably shouldn’t be.  Word on the street is, he has been too busy to plan any surprises this year and will be happy to let somebody new take the spotlight.

Eric Grimm – 3:1         The N.L. captain is always ready for a good time.  He was a strong contender for the award last year, had it not been for the piñata bat.  2011 could be his year.

Matt Zobal – 4:1         I am scared of what Z might try this year.  Dropping his britches may be fun for the Big and Tasty, but I’m not sure for the rest of us.

Marcus Kole – 6:1       He plays on one of the most fun-loving teams in the KWL, that has to give him a chance.  I hear he also wants to impress Mark Ford by bringing the trophy home.

Katie Meyers – 7:1      It doesn’t hurt to be married to “the voting committee.” Wink wink.

The field – 5:1             Might be worth taking a flier on this.  It wouldn’t be too surprising if Lukas Pederson or Brian Lewis walked away with whatever will serve as a trophy this year.



N.L. All-Stars -1.5        Yes, I know the A.L. has owned the N.L. in the All-Star game the last couple of years, but this could be the N.L.’s best shot at bucking that trend.  The hitting looks pretty even in this one, but pitching is going to be what could swing this one in the N.L.’s favor.  A.L. batters will have a tough time figuring out Rensch and Kuzmin, and will get no relief when facing Yoder and VanVorst.  The A.L. has quality arms as well, but they haven’t been quite as unhittable this season.  Don’t be surprised if the N.L. pulls out a low scoring victory in the 2011 mid-summer classic.

Kevin Marszalek – 3:1     “The Icon” is getting a bit upset with all of the talk about the Indies and Flyers.  He will be dead set on reminding people of the dominant force that lead his team to the 2010 title.

Mason Everett – 4:1       This game is full of quality pitching.  However, Mason is to “hitting quality pitching” as Cris Carter is to “catching touchdown passes.” It’s all he does.

Brian Meyers – 5:1        This aint Brian’s first rodeo.  He has a history of coming up big in these games.  Don’t be surprised if history repeats itself.

Adam Nash – 6:1         These odds may be a bit high, but if Nash gets his bat going and drives in a couple runs, he could be the difference maker.

Brian Rensch – 6:1      He might be the most dominant player in this game, but the odds are stacked against him since he may only be participating in a few innings.  Because of that, it is difficult for a pitcher to win this award, but if anyone can do it, it would be him.

The Field – 2:1          Not great odds at all, but what do you expect when you are getting the reigning MVP, John Liberty, along with names like Jennings and Tate.  Combine that with young studs like Adams, Allen, Ford and Marlowe trying to make a name for themselves and this is where the smart money is.



For those of you who don’t know, this year will feature the first annual KWL skills competition.  Participants will race the clock as they chug a beer on the bench, run out to catch a fly ball, pitch three strikes, hit a homerun off of a tee, circle the bases and return to the bench to chug another beer.  Please contact Kevin Marszalek at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in participating.

Matt Jennings – 1:1    The only participant so far, Matt is the clear favorite to win the inaugural run through of this event.

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