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Written by Eric Grimm   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 12:16
Rumor Mill 2. by Eric Grimm. 11/22/2011.

After a few broken parts and a long lay over for the repairs, the Rumor Mill is once again opperational. It appears that the free agent frenzy of 2010 put alot of strain on the gossip developing machine. None the less, here are the latest "happenings" around the KWL. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Go Lions.

PF Flyers looking to add another Gazette writer
Never one to sit idle during the offseason, John Liberty has the Gazette office buzzing with his active pursuit of fellow staffer and education blogger Julie Mack.

Gentlemen ink lucrative endorsement deal with Men’s Warehouse
Famous for wearing their tuxedo t-shirts, the Gents might be stepping up their game.  Leaked details of the deal indicate that it includes a lifetime supply of clip on bow ties.

Steve Everett making KWL return?
Why would a fab shop that specializes in off-road vehicles need an on-staff athletic trainer?   Sources say it has very little to do with Daryl’s saddle sores.

Chuckers trying to add more youth to roster
After successful addition of young gun Connor Barr, word from inside Chucker’s camp is that they are tapping their resources in the Far East and trying to acquire member s of the 2009 Little League World Series champs Chinese Taipei.  Let’s hope they all come with fake birth certificates to get by the KWL’s 18 and up age rule.

Jennings ready to make lemonade?
Lemons captain Travis Branch has been combing the interenet looking for the next KWL sensation. But after two restraining orders and a questionable evening with trans-gender striper, it appears he values his safety. He has been rumored to have shifted his search internally and Matt Jennings name appears to be near the top of his list.

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