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Written by Brian Meyers   
Sunday, 05 February 2012 17:31
Rumor Mill 3. by Brian Meyers. 2/5/2012.

The winter meetings have come and gone and with a record turnout, the offseason appears to be finally underway! A very slow winter has been broken with many rumors and hearsay. As the season approachs and the weather begins to turn, the pieces are sure to fall into place. For now, let's just rattle off some of the rumors being bounced around the Gallaghers side room during the 2011/2012 winter meeings!

A Killa' Kirsch Comeback?
If you attended this year's winter meeting, you would have noticed the 155lb young teen looking, NWLA hall of famer, Matt Kirsch sitting in the front row. Sporting his circa 2009 Wildies jersey, Matt seemed to be close to making a decsion on a comeback to the KWL. Eric Grimm of the 5DP was the first to make a offer to the pre-teen looking former Allstar.

Is Hess the Inside Track to Sign Pederson?
With Lukas still looking for a team, it's starting to look like Kyle and Lukas's friendship could end up luring the slugger to the Gentlemen for 1012. Lukascould not be reach for comment. Bryan Jennings siad he would have no issue adding Lukas's bat to their lineup at the winter meeting.

Friars to Thursday nights.
Kevin and his Friars are looking for some new competition, as they asked the league office formally to move them to Thursday night for the coming season. The league is considering ways to allow the Friars to make the move, but it's still up in the air.

Jennings and the Gingers.
Matt Jennings has claimed the Town Hall Posse team slot for 2012. His roster currently consists of himself and the two Gumpper Ginger brothers. Matt is looking to build a team that will making winning a low priority and having fun the primary reason for playing.

Mason in for a Big Pay Day?
A hot topic of discussion was who was going to land M.E. for the coming season. Many teams appear to have strong interest in adding the perennial All-star. The 5DP have offered endless amounts of beer, Scared Hitless has offer to pay his league dues and the Lemons have offered to pay for his gas! The bidding is sure to increase as the season gets closer!

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