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Written by Brian Meyers   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:06
American League Preview. 5/1/12 by Brian Meyers

Poor weather for Monday nights during opening week has started to become a tradition, as several teams were rained out of their opening day match-ups.  A couple teams did man the poor conditions to get the season officially started for the American League.  It’s been a long winter, many changes and many new faces for the AL.  So, here’s a quick overview of each team!

Who they are: Same roster as last year, although Scuba may only be available for the middle block of the season.  Zac now entering 3rd season, is the closest thing to a rookie this team has.  Experience to spare with Meyers, Hutson, Burnell and Kean.

What to expect: Each year the Indies find their way into their leagues Championships series.  Most would expect them to secure a playoff spot early, although Meyers swears up and down that this season will be different than past seasons for the Indies.  Putting focus on having fun and enjoying the summer.

Who they are: The core four that has made up the Gents for the past three seasons is back; Bryan Jennings, Pedrolini, Weilenga and Meach.  A big loss with Kyle Hess relocating out of the area and Barber may be hit or miss the entire season as well.

What to expect: Homeruns.  Lots of Homeruns.  The Gents are always near the top of team homerun totals and this year will be no exception.  Bryan Jennings reclaimed his thrown as the most feared hitter in the KWL in 2011 and will anchor a very speed team that should benefit greatly from the new rule changes.

Who they are: A new expansion team with two familiar faces; Marcus Cole and Travis Cree. 

What to expect: Marcus caught fire at the plate during the second half of last season, which he will look to continue in 2012.  Travis, who played fallball, impressed many with his good pitching skills and overall skill set.  They have joked about leading the league in beverages consumed, a very underrated wiffleball stat!

Who they are: The best thing that came from No Big Deal; The Big ‘n Tasty (Matt Zobal) has returned to the KWL and has a team of his own.  A couple familiar faces from the Ducks; Amber and Katie, will join in the mix.

What to expect: Just as advertised; Just Average Wiffle Stars.  This group will be laid back and fun, but will probably steal a game or two that they shouldn’t win.

Who they are:  Last year’s American League Champs + a perennial wiffle bomber in Lukas Pederson.  Jermey, Ira and Justin lock down the pitching rotation, while Liberty, Faber and now Pederson will provide the rest.

What to expect: Liberty and crew seem poised to make another deep run and are easily considered the favorite to secure the AL and take another stab at the Mullany Cup.

Who they are: One “Q” down, Matt is unable to play this season, but they added another young lefty in hopes of catching lightening in the bottle two years in a row!  Franchise mainstays; John Q, Mausen and VanTreese are back along with 2011 ROY Conor Barr. 

What to expect: Conor has a live arm and it’s made of rubber!  They will certainly use every last out of his 56 inning limit.  They just missed the playoffs in 2011, but with the AL wide open, they could certainly secure their franchises first appearance in 2012!

Who they are: Matt Jennings of the defunct Town Hall Posse (Snowsuit and Icy Road, Face and Humans) has taken over the realm as a team captain.  Step one was to secure the Gumpper Ginger twins, step is to be determined.

What to expect: Throw back Tigers jerseys that make you reminisce of childhood idols, but hopefully not a team record to match!

Who they are: The core guys that stepped in and took over No Big Deal last year after Prihoda’s squad was knocked out (haha, literally).  Butts, Trayer Jr, Hobbs and Shuggs all played in 2011.

What to expect: Trayer and Butts improved vastly on the mound by season’s end, so they will eat up the majority of the innings. Hobbs will probably be found limping around on severe ankle sprain, much like 2011!

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