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Written by Brian Meyers   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 11:32
National League Preview. 5/1/12 by Brian Meyers

The story line for 2012 National League has been the migration of the Friars (2010 Champs) into Thursday nights, making an already heavy hitting NL even heavier!  Two NL teams kick off their season tonight in inter-league match-ups, while the rest of the league will get started Thursday night.  So read on and get up to date on your National League teams!

Who they are: The Defending Champions return with the same roster as last year; Tate, Downs, Yoder, Robbie and Turtle. 

What to expect: One run games, aggressive baserunning, knockout pitching and Mike Down’s yuckle of laughter!  The same goal as ever year, win it all. 

Who they are: I’m sorry to announce, no Werthmann in 2012.  The 5 Dollar Pitchers narrowly missed the playoffs in 2011, but only three guys return; Grimm, Hebner and ROY Marlowe.  Three new guys fill out the remainder of the roster.

What to expect: One of the new guys might be a key offseason pickup; Ty Gonzalez.  If Ty pans out, this team will defiantly be fighting for a playoff spot the whole season.  If the miss, maybe they can give the Lemons a run for that TSFC toilet seat!

Who they are: Crafty old veteran team that’s been on the cusp of winning it all (2010 NL Champs).  Many have them penciled into the playoffs already.

What to expect: A deep veteran team that plays crafty and aggressive.  Power numbers can come evenly out of their lineup, but most of the real damage is done by Nash and Detamore.

Who they are: A little chemistry change as they traded the X chromosomes for Y, dropping the co-ed title.  Becci and Michelle are gone, three newbs have step into their place.

What to expect: It’s really hard to guess at this point.  Depending on how the new guys pan out, the team could make a sizable increase in the Win column.

Who they are:  Sliding over to the National league, a little ripped has been added to the NL Playoff Hunt with the 2010 Champion Friars playing on Thursday nights.  The team remains the same, although officially cutting ties with Buerger and replacing him with Melissa Brink.

What to expect: The team goes as Kevin’s bat goes.  They certainly are playoff bound, but with everything clicking on all cylinders could be a serious title contender.

Who they are: A team full of laid back wifflers backed by the best pitcher in the entire league; Brian Rensch.  The offense was a bit anemic in 2011, but if Davis and Rensch can hit like they did in 2010, the lineup will tough with Smorch anchoring them down.

What to expect: A full cooler, farmer tans, a sacrificial lamb (Brian Rockwell) and potentially a yeti in short-shorts. Two straight seasons of 17 or more wins, no reason they can’t finish in that neighborhood in 2012.

Who they are: This may be a shock to everyone, but the Lemons didn’t lose half its roster to free agency! The core four of Branch, Steve, Bryan and Kelly have returned.  Rounding out the group are a couple of new comers that may or may not increase productivity.

What to expect: Kelly will bring the business on the mound, Steve will be at times awkwardly intense, Travis will hit homeruns off some of the best pitchers and somehow they will manage to make a run at a three-peat TSFC crown!

Who they are: The same group with one major covert signing; Mason Everett!  Yep, he’s on the roster and could end up playing much of 2012 with Hitless!!!

What to expect: You won’t score much off Kuzmin, so if see him toeing the rubber prepare for dip in the ol’ Batting Average.  The rotation dips off after Kuzmin, which could force them to fight for wins in a tough National Leauge.

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