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Written by Jacques Rimmier   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 05:00
Crème de la crème with Jacques Rimmier: KWL’s Biggest Personal Rivalries.

Tis me, your favorite Frenchman! Today I bring you KWL's biggest rivelries on and off the field. The truth (or the lies) may hurt, but suck it up you American ninnies! You know nothing of hardship until you have slept in a dumpster behind a Waffle House, drunk off cheap wine, and quesy from three day old buttermilk pancakes.


Andy Ross vs. Industrials
It’s hard to tell if this is a rivalry or just a case of boy love.  For as long as I have known Brian, Daryl, and Andy they have always fought like their full of teen angist, bickering back and forth like a bunch of firemen Flamin’ Nancies.  Personally, Andy can’t beat the Indies, but for the last couple years his team has when counts!  I think the source of the anxiety is Ross’s sexy little paint splattered cut off jean shorts, I base this on the fact that they always give me a boner!

Travis Branch vs. Jim Noel
The new little KWL article writing bitch has over stepped his boundaries when he critiqued Jim and his little devilish boys.  Like the Diablos needed any more ammunition against Branch, as they already gun for the Lemons as it is.  While Tbranch is putting his foot in his mouth, Jim and the Diablos will be putting their foot up his ass! Jacques hopes this moment gets caught on the KWL DVCam.

Daryl Hutson vs. The Run to First
“Approximately 45 feet” is a really tough cookie for Daryl to eat.  Mr. Love Muffin himself has openly admitted to being beat in the 400 meter run by an obese lady (that term is being used loosely) from Gobles High School track team. I've crunched the numbers and the sexy Martin grad has lost the race to first base more times on the field than off. Learn to run faster you kinky hunk of man!

Mike Raber vs. Mike Raber
No game on the field is nearly as intense as the one that goes on inside the brain of Raber. Anyone that knows Raber knows what this columnist is talking about!  You can certainly rest assured, the he is also that intense between the sheets!

Ben Gladysz vs. Her
I don’t know who “her” is, but Ben is always status updating on Facebook about being upset with “her”, not letting “her” go and stuff.  Maybe there is a chance that “her” could be his nickname for Jacques?  Don’t worry Ben; you don’t have to let me go anywhere... except down! *wink*

Honerable mentions:
Playoff Brian Meyers vs. the Industrials.
Pat Burnell's tummy vs. the strike zone.
Steve Scudder's eyes vs. the sun. (Riddick?)
Amber Hutson's pitching vs. the homerun fence. (Return my calls please!)
Self Control vs. the Sittings Ducks.
Benny Champagne vs. his shirt. (I like it!)


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