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Written by Brian Lewis   
Thursday, 30 May 2013 18:58

New Captain Spotlight - Trey Junkins by Brian Lewis 5/29/2013

  • What major mistakes have you made as a captain in the first 3 weeks?

Overall, I feel great about the decisions that I have made so far this year (although the record would not indicate good decision making).  Everyone has stepped up and pitched when needed, leaving us in good shape for the remainder of the season.

  • Who do you think will be your toughest competition this year?

In the American League, I feel the Industrials will be the stiffest competition.  They have been in the league for a long time and have above average hitting and pitching.  In a close second will be Glory Days.


  • What do you think your record will be at the end of the season?

I know it will take a good run, but I think we can at least finish 12-16.  Our record does not really show the quality of games that we have played. Other than week 1 against the Diablos, we have been in every game that we have played so far this year.

  • What excited you about bringing your own team into the league?

I have known a few people who have played in the league over the past few years and have been waiting for an opportunity to play in the KWL.   Once I heard there was an opening for a team, I immediately jumped on the opportunity.  Being able to play a sport that I find enjoyable and have it be competitive is awesome.  When I started my own team this year, I envisioned our team holding up the 1st place trophy at the end of the season…. And then week 1 came.

  • In your opinion who are the best players in the league?

Just to be clear, I have not seen everyone play in person.  But so far I would say…

    • AL – Lee VanStreain
    • NL – Adam Kuzmin
  • Do you have any pre-game rituals?

On my way to the game each week I have to listen to the song “Eye of the Tiger” to put me in game mode.  How can you go wrong with a little Rocky moment before each game?

  • Do you think the league is more likely to have someone widely known for receiving an honorary doctoral degree OR  being arrested for a drunken rant at a fast food restaurant?

Although I do not see either happening in the near future, I would definitively say the latter of the two options.

  • When pitching are you more worried about hitting someone in the face or giving up a homerun?

Giving up a homerun for sure.  In the event that I hit someone in the face, I expect someone to yell “Don’t rub it!” and then we move on.

  • Which pitcher are you most excited and possibly worried to face?

Although I do not expect him to pitch to us (because he will be scared of losing), I would love to hit against Brian Rensch from the Kentucky Waterfalls.  Rensch helped coach my high school baseball team, so I am hoping that the protégée will outduel the master.


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