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Written by Brian Lewis   
Monday, 17 June 2013 19:59

Say Goodbye to the FunStars. by Brian Lewis 6/17/13

For many years now we’ve loved, heckled, and laughed with the Fun Stars.

This game took the nicest, ugliest, proudest, and least coherent players the KWL had to offer and made them wear skirts, swing lollipops, and dodge hurled hotdogs for 15 minutes of pure enjoyment.  The sad part is that the game lasted 45 minutes. 

Many nights I go to bed looking forward to the FunStars and many mornings I wake up with terror sweats looking at that GD giant yellow bat thinking “never again, I will not let myself see Matt Zobal’s ass crack this year”.

For oh so many reasons, the Fun Star game has been cancelled! 

In 2013 it has been replaced with what we hope to be a better display of new talent and rickety knees; The Newbs vs. Veteran game! After this years AllStar game stick around and watch our newest players take on the league’s veterans.  This game will help us decide if it’s better for a wiffleball player to have strength, speed, and youth OR wisdom, cunning, and a yearly prostate exam.

As we turn to another chapter in our ever growing book of KWL Wiffleball history, we say Good bye to the FunStars and hello to new opportunities for many players in the league. Now, how do we manage to re-purpose the Punch-out on the Funstar strikeboard...


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