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Written by Brian Lewis   
Friday, 28 June 2013 12:10
Newb-Star Recap. 6/28/13 by Brian Lewis

Newb-Star game provided a good balance to the excitement of the All Star festivities.

After a skillful and nail biting All Star game that ended in a flash of long ball excitement it would be hard for any game to keep that momentum going, and in truth, the Newbs vs Vets game didn’t provide a ton of highlights. 
What the game did provide was a good show case for some of the things we all learn after being in the league a few years.

  • Pitching to contact can be more effective than always trying to strike people out and falling behind in the count.
  • Playing solid defense isn’t as easy as it looks.  And it takes a lot of repetition or game experience to understand the situations.
  • Smart base running can start a big rally.  Stupid base running can kill that big rally.

My expectations for this game were that it would be an entertaining yet relaxing affair between the two main events of the day and that’s what it was.  The Newb Star game brought more players who wouldn’t have participated and more fans who wouldn’t have attended All-Star Saturday.  For these reasons I’m calling this game a success.

The KWL has always been about having a good time while chasing a white ball with a yellow bat.  Both the Newbs and the Vets kept this vision alive for 6 innings in the pursuit of childhood joy and in hopes of entertaining 100 people on a hot Saturday evening.

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