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Written by Steve Everett   
Monday, 18 January 2010 05:00
Scuba Steve Presents: NL Player Preview
    1. Mike Downs – I know most people would say, “Shouldn't A.J. be at the top of this list?”  Now I know that A.J. is an amazing player, we all know that he can dominate with his arm and the yellow
stick, but if by chance you do touch an A.J. Fastball, Mr. Downs will be in the outfield to pick the ball up and flip it for that out.  While at the plate, Mike is a tough out.  This reigning home-run derby champion is a free swinger, but he can connect on almost anything you toss at him.  Then I believe his pitching stats speak for themselves.  Mike will hit the zone and he is very deceptive with everything he throws to you.  Congratulations Mike, you're #1 on my list.
2. A.J. Tate – Yes, he is #2, but a close #2!  When A.J. comes to the game you will see him with a tin of Grizzly and a cooler filled with Bud Light (for that great taste that won't fill you up, and never lets you down.).  I really don't need to say anymore about him.  If you really want to learn about A.J., there are more articles about him, just check those out.
    3. Mike Raber/Travis Branch/Brian Barber – This Lemons team will be a tough team to beat this year because these guys are strong.  Raber is a great player and a great team player; the kid knows the game inside and out.  His protege, Travis Branch, is one of the up and coming stars of the KWL and he really started to break out of his shell at the end of the last season.  Look for this kid to keep that momentum rolling.  Then there is Brian Barber.  Barber is an amazing fielder and a great pitcher.  He throws stuff that I could only dream of throwing and he does a great job keeping he ball low in the zone and keeping you guessing.  If these guys can keep their composure, they will be a great threat in the NL.
    4. Chad Meints/Mason Everett – With the new 3 man rotation I have a feeling that these 2 guys will only get better after the first season.  Both will be battling for that #2 spot in the 40's rotation.  Chad has been working with his pitching coach on the Gyro ball that many Red Sox fans know, and with him being a lefty, he has a great advantage at the plate and on the rubber.  Mason is just a great all around player.  He is quick on the field and also very quick to chug a 40 (we saw this at the Fun-Star game).  These 2 guys will be beneficial to the 40's success.
5. Jamey Detamore/Adam Nash/Adam Ross – With Mr. Detamore back in the line-up and a completely rehabbed arm, Jamey should be back in business with the KWL and hopefully he dropped that softball league.  They picked up Adam Nash who is always a pitching threat and we all know that Jim Noel being the amazing player/coach that he is will keep Adam under control on the mound.  Adam Ross is that all-around player that rounds off the Diablos and will keep them a playoff contender.  I believe that the new 3 man rotation rule will have helped the Diablos out the most

American League Coming Soon!!

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