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Written by Brian Lewis   
Saturday, 07 September 2013 01:00


After beer and tears and nachos, the 4 Fall Ball teams have finally come together. The captains had definite strategies coming into draft night some of which may be helpful and some may not be.  These strategies were; drafting a team of all hitters, drafting the best pitching team possible, not coming in last, and who’s going to go to the bar after the game....

Here are your Fall Ball teams:



Great White Wifflers
Wiffle Mafia
Captain Adam Kuzmin
Captain David Ayres
Color Grey
Color Orange
Aaron Beery
Adam Bacon
Adam Dobbs
Luke Miller
Derrick Dimon
Phil Shaler
John Quardokus
Stephanie Heath
Vinnie Cataldo
Tom Mausen

Gray Fox & The Hounds
Bottom Beard Forest Fires
Captain Dan Hebner
Captain Melissa Brink
Color Blue
Color Green
Allen Eldridge
John Sorek
Josh Ballard
Mitch Rosselot
Mark Thomson
Scott Hewitt
Micky Yager
Scott Twiss
Mike Siegel
Zach Milborne



Week 1: 9/12

Great White vs Wiffle Mafia - Flesher East

Gray Fox vs Bottom Beard - Flesher West

Week 2: 9/19

Great White vs Gray Fox - Flesher East

Wiffle Mafia vs Bottom Beard - Flesher West

Week 3: 9/26

Wiffle Mafia vs Gray Fox - Flesher East

Great White vs Bottom Beard - Flesher West

Week 4: 10/3

Top 2 teams - Flesher West

Teams 3 & 4 - Flesher East






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