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Township Series Recap

It isn’t a surprise to many that the two dominant teams of the 2013 KWL season managed to find each other in the championship. The Diablos destroyed teams with overwhelming hitting and quality pitching. Scared Hitless mowed down their competitors with unrelenting pitching and solid run support. Neither team was greatly tested in the regular season but both had won tough post season series to make it to this point. At the start of the Township Series both managers, Jim Noel (Diablos) and Brian Lewis (Scared Hitless) had an air of confidence but neither seemed to be planning for a sweep. It’s a good thing Noel and Lewis were prepared, because this was an outright battle.

Game 1: Ayres v Buckallew

As you can imagine with David and Jordan pitching this game was FILLED with strikeouts, 12 on the Diablo side and 16 Ks from the Scared Hitless batters. The game was quick and evenly matched until the top of the 4th when Scared Hitless struck first.

Adam Kuzmin started the inning off with a single to left then Mark Thomson came up and slapped a long blooper over the right field fence to put Hitless up 2 – 0. Still in the fourth Ayres smacked a single to right and Josh Whitfield followed that with a HUGE bomb that traveled about a 145 feet to center field. This was plenty of offense for Ayres as he worked quickly to get the remaining 9 Diablos’ outs. Scared Hitless wins 4-0.

Game 2: Nash v Kuzmin

Both Adam Nash and Adam Kuzmin seemed nervous as they took to the mound. The first inning was rough for both pitchers, though it was worse for Nash. Scared Hitless was able to put up 3 runs while the Diablos were able to get runners in scoring position but couldn’t put anyone across the plate. Both Nash and Kuzmin settled in after their rough starts and pitched far better for the remaining 5 innings. Nash gave up only 2 more runs and struck out 4 batters. Kuzmin struck out 15 Diablos hitters and allowed just 2 hits including 1 laser beam homerun to Joshua Rhoton. Scared Hitless wins 1-5.

Game 3: Lewis v Rhoton

With plenty of light remaining, the third game of day 1 of the series started. Joshua Rhoton got the nod for the Diablos. He had been having arm trouble due the high quantity of innings pitched in the Playoffs but he was more than up to the challenge of facing the fourth pitcher in the Hitless rotation, Brian Lewis. The standard third pitcher for Scared Hitless, Mason Everett, was not in attendance for the start of the series. Rhoton threw extremely well and by mixing up pitches and velocity the Hitless batters were kept off balance during the entire 4 innings that were played on Day 1. Lewis gave up 1 run in the first and 1 run in the third but overall kept the damage low. He gave up no long balls to the big hitting Diablos. The game was postponed due to darkness at the top of the 5th.

Game 3 resumed on Labor Day and the Diablos showed no signs of worry being down 2-0 in the Series. Rhoton made quick work in the top of the 5th and then the luck ran out for Lewis is the bottom of the inning. A combination of well-placed hits, hard base running, and timely walks led to the Diablos scoring 5 runs. Mark Thomson gave Scared Hitless their only bright spot of the game by bombing a shot to left-center. The Diablos win 1-7

Game 4: Buckallew v Ayres

Game 4 was nearly a mirror image of game 1. Buckallew and Ayres struck out batter after batter, neither pitcher allowing any chance for a rally. Inning after inning hitters from both teams came up swinging hard knowing one big hit and one run would decide the game and possibly the championship. In game 1 Scared Hitless struck with the homerun but in this game it would be the Diablos, specifically Adam Ross. All game long Ross had been slapping balls to right field and in the top of the 10th he hit an opposite field fly ball that soared past the fence and brought new life back to the series.

The Diablos win 1-0.

Game 5: Kuzmin v Nash

In the first matchup for these two pitchers both of them looked nervous. The nerves were gone in this game but Nash had the momentum on his side so Kuzmin had to cut through that as he worked the mound in an attempt to retain the *insert name* Trophy.

Both pitchers managed their opponents well for the first two innings. Nash allowed little solid contact and forced many simple defensive put outs. Kuzmin walked a couple and struck out nearly every batter. In the 3rd inning Scared Hitless finally was able to string something together. They started the inning with a walk then followed that up with a hit then later another walk. They were in good position with bases loaded, two outs, and Kuzmin up to bat. And like many times this season Adam Kuzmin came through as a hitter much as he did as a pitcher, he made solid contact and sent a hard shot to right-center. The Diablos defender was in position but couldn’t make a clean play and this lead to Scared Hitless’ only two runs of the game.

From the bottom of the 3rd through the top of the 6th there was little action for either team as Nash and Kuzmin did what their teams needed them to do. The bottom of the 6th however was filled with championship suspense. It started with a walk by Kuzmin to Adam Ross followed by a strike out, then 3 more walks making the score 2-1! He recovered and managed to strike the next batter out. The final chance for the Diablos fell to Jordan Buckallew. This at bat started 3-0 and it seemed Kuzmin would walk in the tying run however the next pitch was just above the board but it was too close for Buckallew to let go so the count was 3-1. So with the title on the line Kuzmin hurled the next two pitches with everything he had left. The second strike came in to tick the lower inside corner. The 3-2 pitch was thrown with the same velocity and drilled the board right on the screws.

Scared Hitless wins 2-1 and takes home their second consecutive KWL title by beating the Diablos 3 games to 2.



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