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Written by Travis Branch   
Monday, 18 January 2010 05:00
T-Banch's Ten Little Thingies. New Year’s Resolutions.
    1. The Industrials will try get past their playoff nemesis, the Flying Wildebeest.  Two years In a row they have been knocked out by the Wildies, but team captain Brian Meyers likes his chances this season, saying; “I really don’t think we will have to try very hard to beat them this year.”
    2. Lukas Pederson will try and use the secrets of the Worce to capture the Flesher Field Mangoose that roams Township park. Once in captivity, it is uncertain what experiments he will do on it!
      3. The Monday Night 40’s will try to find out why they play on Thursday nights.
    4. Ben Gladysz and Pat Burnell will be looking for a permanent address they can both call home for a while, as they are on their third team in as many years.
    5. In 2009 the Diablos did their best Mama Cass impression and treated the last 4 games like a ham sandwich.  In 2010, they will look to perform much better down the stretch with their new hard throwing acquisition, Adam Nash.
    6. Jacques Rimmier will try and get his lifetime ban lifted so he may compete in the KWL this coming season. He Will also do his best this year to stay out of jail and stay sober so he can attend the allstar/funstar games. Lay off the red wine.
    7. Benny Champagne’s 2010 resolution is to wear a shirt during KWL activities. But, this may be because of a recent court order!
    8. Mike Raber has vowed to have a cooler head in 2010. “I’ve started yoga and meditation and I have really found inner peace and enlightenment”, says Raber.
    9. The Lemons were no-hit twice in 2009 with their struggling offense. They plan on cutting down on the strikeouts so this does not happen again in 2010.
    10. Myself. I will try not to actually hurt anyone’s feelings in my columns. If you are mentioned, it is all in good fun.  If you are mad at me you can always strike me out during the season, it isn’t very hard. My second resolution is to not have the most disappointing out this season.
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