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Written by Josh Rhoton   
Sunday, 06 April 2014 19:06

2 Elite Franchises, 2 Huge Moves

The KWL is no stranger to moves being made from year to year. Teams come and some teams go. There are also players that disappear like cigs from Leyland’s pocket, and there are also new players that join that would even excite “The Hoodie” Bill Belichek himself. This year is no different and even the two teams that battled it out for the title last year were hit with the new look shake up many have faced in the past.

For the two time defending champion Scared Hitless they are suffering a huge blow to their star packed roster. While returning the big names we all know like Adam “One Eye” Kuzmin, David “Stone Cold” Ayres and Brian “Ginger” Lewis, they are losing a vital veteran. Mark Thomson is bowing out of the KWL on top after collecting two of those championship rings. Thomson will be taking the year off to recruit new wiffleballers from Cuba to bring up to the KWL. We all appreciate it Mark, and The Scared Hitless is sure to miss you.

On the other hand the defending runners up Diablos are adding yet another high skill rookie to their roster. Two years ago we saw them add 2012 Rookie of the Year Josh Rhoton, last year they added the 2013 Rookie of the Year in Jordan Buckallew and this year they will be adding another college ball player in Bobby Keller. Bobby has some big shoes to fill to try and make it 3 ROY’s in a row for the team that beer created. If his game is as good as his beard, number 3 could be a foregone conclusion. He will also be taking the place of All-Time Pine great Tim Lyeam as he has retired from the KWL and veteran KWL original Jamey Detamore as he moves to part-time player to hone his golf skills.



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