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Written by Josh Rhoton   
Sunday, 14 September 2014 14:09

Township Series Recap 

By: Josh Rhoton 


That’s right you are hearing it first, the long time franchise has finally claimed its first KWL championship! In the 8 year history of The Diablos they have reached the championship series three times, and third time was the charm as they were finally able to bring home the hardware for the next year. It was a special night as owner and founder of The Diablos Jim Noel was able to go out on top and retire a champion. Here is the recap of what was a great series with The Glory Days.


Game 1: The two squads started game 1 with their respective aces on the hump as The Diablos put out Jordan Buckallew and Glory Days sent out AL MVP and Cy Wiffle winner Lee VanStreain. 2 of the best pitchers in the league proved why they are among the most feared to face as they brought their A game. In the first The Diablos were able to string a couple of early hits off of Lee but had nothing to show for it. The aces went back and forth into the 4th inning when 2014 Yellow Slugger winner Josh Rhoton was able to put a VanStreain curveball over the fence for a 1-0 lead for the Diablos. The lead didn’t last long as in the top of the 5th all time great hitter Bryan Jennings was able to connect on a slider from Buckallew and send it over the center field wall to tie the game up at 1-1. Lee was able to get past a walk and get to the sixth with the score still tied. In the top of the 6th Buckallew apparently didn’t learn his lesson from the inning before and served up the same pitch to Bryan Jennings and the same outcome came of it, a home run to center field for a 2-1 lead. Lee was able to slam the door shut and the Glory Days took game 1.

Game 1 Result: Glory Days 2- Diablos 1


Game 2: Game 2 saw the Diablos send out Rookie of the Year Nate Thompson to take on former farm system great Kevin Hess. Kevin brought his best and threw the best game he had thrown all year. Nate wasn’t backing down though and proved why he led the NL in ERA as the 2 went back and forth. It was a 0-0 game going in to the 4th when Kevin lost just a little touch and walked the bases loaded. Another walk and a base hit later and the Diablos found themselves up 2-0. In the bottom of the 6th the Glory Days were able to get in Thompson’s head just a little and were able to string some hits together and get a run across the board. Nate then buckled down and K’d 2 batters in a row for the victory.

Game 2 Result: Diablos 2- Glory Days 1




Game 3: As it is with every KWL series finale game 3 on day 1 was started in the dark. Both teams struggled out of the gate to see in the field while Matt Jennings of the Glory Days and Adam Nash for the Diablos struggled to find the board. The 2 teams postponed the game after 2 innings with the Diablos leading 9-4. Game 3 resumed on day 2 and the Diablos bats got hot. The 2 teams only played another inning as the mercy rule was hit.

Game 3 Result: Diablos 16- Glory Days 4



Game 4: Game 4 saw the aces go back at one another in a rematch of game 1. Lee was strong and stifled the Diablos bats all game long. Buckallew did not fare as well and was struggling with some arm fatigue and soreness. Walks and yet another home run allowed to Bryan Jennings had Buckallew and the Diablos down 2-0 in the 3rd. While Jordan fought through and was able to keep the score low, Lee was just too much and the Diablos did not have an answer. Another low scoring affair saw the series come to a 2-2 tie and we were heading to a decisive game 5.

Game 4 Result: Glory Days 2- Diablos 0


Game 5: Just as with game 4, game 5 saw another rematch as Thompson and Hess battled for the title. Both pitchers came out strong and went through the first without giving up a run. The second inning saw Hess struggle a little to find the board and the Diablos were able to string along 3 runs via walks and a base knock by Adam Ross. Thompson was lights out again and peppered the strike zone and allowed his defense to make plays for him. The 4th inning saw Hess continue to battle but let up a leadoff walk to Buckallew. Rhoton came up next and took an outside fastball over the high fence in right to extend the Diablos lead to 5-0. In the top of the 5th Hess led off the inning for Glory Days with an absolute bomb that still might not have landed to get his team on the scoreboard. A walk to Matt Jennings had another runner on when Lee crushed a fastball on a line right to Nash in right field who then was able to double off Matt at first base. A fly out from Bryan Jennings next had Nate out of the minor jam. With no more run support added in the 5th we headed to the 6th inning with a score of 5-1. Nate made up for the bomb Hess hit the at bat before and was able to get him to fly out. A strikeout to Matt Jennings had the Diablos on the brink of the title. Lee came up with his team down by 4 and put one of his patented swings on a Thompson fast ball and ripped it down the line for a double. Next up was Bryan Jennings and Nate bore down and was able to K the all time great on 4 pitches for the victory and the championship!

Game 5 Result: Diablos 5- Glory Days 1




Summary: This was a great series that rivaled last year’s classic between the Diablos and Scarred Hitless that went 5 games. 4 of the 5 were extremely close and the 2 teams proved that they belonged in the spotlight of the championship series. Back and forth action and stellar pitching made this a great series to be a part of and witness. Glory Days were good sports the whole way through and even drank a little beer with the Diablos, which always makes wiffle go a little smoother in the KWL. Congrats to both teams on great years and congrats again to the 2014 KWL Champions, The Diablos!  



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