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Written by Travis Branch   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 05:00


T-Banch's Ten Little Thingies. 10 celebrities with the best wiffleball potential

1.) Tom Selleck. He used to hit homeruns off the Detroit Tigers pitchers in spring training and always wears a ball cap. He also personally asked us to name our toilet bowl tournament after him and we gladly did, gaining a TON of media exposure in the process (think Chuck Norris type career rejuvenation).

2.) Kevin Costner.  His career was launched by doing several baseball films, the guy probably knows his way around a ball diamond. Plus, he’s probably looking for something to do because of his lack of recent work in Hollywood.

3.) Jacques Rimmier. At one point he was known as the best wiffler in France and possibly in all of Europe.  Much like a soccer star, here in the US we would never know!  After a mind boggling incident that banned him from playing here, he has become a bestselling author with his new book; My Prison Without Balls.

4.) Jared Dudley.  The forward for the Phoenix Suns was nearly arrested for playing wiffleball in the street. I’d say he’s got what it takes.

5.) Jennie Finch. She throws hard, looks good, and she’s holding a wiffleball and bat in this picture. There are probably only a couple of guys in the KWL that wouldn’t want a chance to hit that! Nuff said. Bonus: Click here for larger picture!

6.) Charlie Sheen. If he dusted off the old leather jacket, we all know that the “wild thing” can pitch, but if he can beat up a wiffleball like he beat up Denise Richards then he will make a great player!

7.) Jonas Brothers. Not that they would have any skill at the game or have done anything showing potential, but they would totally be into the gratuitous amounts of guy love that the KWL has to offer. Possibly look for Team Skinny Jeans in the KWL in 2011? (side note, looks like they are already using the chick bat, so they must have read the rule book!)

5.)  Adam Nash. He became a KWL veteran before his rise to fame. After a short lived romance with Jacques in the magical summer of 2008, he became a local celebrity while being mentioned in several local news outlets, including channel 3 news, at the start of the 2009 season.

9.)  Billy Crystal. He took real live at-bats for the Yankees in a spring training game against the Pittsburg Pirates.  Billy is also a regular at the Allstar break’s “celebrity and legend” softball game.  His age may be suspect, but his skills should put him has a .300/10hr kind of guy.

10.) David N. Mullany. The man that created the game. Not a huge celebrity, but he sure should be!

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