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Written by Brian Lewis   
Friday, 15 July 2016 19:46

I picked this up from a local Ohio news website......


"Beautiful Dublin Ohio is off to an ugly start for this July weekend.  According to the local police report a group of hooligans, possibly ninjas, hacked into the key card system for the La Quinta Inn early Saturday morning, 7/16.  We’re being told the purpose of this hack was specifically to access National Wiffle League Association (NWLA) players’ rooms.

The NWLA is hosting their annual tournament this week at the Soccer First sports complex.

After polling the various players attending the tournament, a few noted Rohypnol wrappers in the wastebaskets of their hotel rooms.  One such player was David Ayres of the Kalamazoo Wiffle League Keggers.  Ayres said he felt very groggy when he woke up and had some vague recollection of people being in his room but he can’t recall exact details.


Ayres was shocked out of his grogginess when he fired up his smart phone for his morning Instagram post.





If anyone has information related to this situation please contact the Ohio Silent Observer.


Last Updated on Saturday, 16 July 2016 11:46
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