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Written by Brian Lewis   
Monday, 24 October 2016 23:50

This is the first of article of a new column that was inspired by a conversation with Christine Vanstreain.  In case you don't know her, Christine is the beautiful wife of the 2016 NL MVP Lee Vanstreain as well as a successful teacher/author.   If you're in the education field you've probably heard her lecture titled 'If you can't beat them, start a huge bar tab'.

A couple of weeks ago Christine randomly called me late on a Thursday evening which was slightly unusual as she and I haven't spoken since our post doc work at Minnetoka State.  She's a pretty calm individual but on this night she was nearly frantic so I had to dig deep and pull out my crisis intervention skills.  After 20 minutes of feeling reflection and then shout therapy I was able to discern that she found something troubling left by her husband.  When we got to this point I was of course interested to hear about her husband's crazy ass blog posts.

*Side Note* I really hope you enjoy this article as it took several days of serious explaining to MY wife why a random woman was calling me at 11:12 on a weeknight.  My standard answer of "I run a non-profit wiffleball league" didn't fly since she deftly countered with "your season ended two months ago jackhole".  Ok, back to Lee's craziness.


According to Christine, Lee wrote the following in his personal 'bucket list' blog. She said this is where he keeps the list of items he's actively saving money for or planning to do.   This entry is titled "Went Out for Coke"

Went to get some coke, got busted by an undercover cop and wound up being at the same rehab facility as Josh Gordon.

We ended up becoming best friends, I talked him into signing with the Steelers after the Browns cut him and Pittsburgh will end up winning the Super Bowl with him as their number 2 receiver, with me quitting my job, moving my family to Pittsburgh and becoming his personal assistant.

I don't read tarot cards or tea leaves but I think if Lee can win Fall Ball in 2017 and 2018 he'll have enough saved up to start tracking down drugs for sports stars.  Good luck, Lee.  We're rooting for you!



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