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Written by Josh Rhoton   
Saturday, 26 November 2016 19:11


This year was a landmark year in the KWL. We opened new fields and brought in new rules. The KWL Keggers finished 5th in the country at the NWLA tourney and we crowned the second ever 3 peat league champs in The Diablos. With all the good that came this past year we knew that some bad was going to have to come. Every year we lose some players to retirement, but this year it looks like we are losing a few that have become mainstays in the league over the years.

Those names that are leaving are Connor Barr, Mason Everett** and “The Icon” Kevin Marszalek. Ok, so I am not sure if anyone else calls Kevin “The Icon” but I do so that is why it is in here. And Mason has asterisks by it because we have not been told 100% he is out. These three players have been contributing to the league since 2008 and have been some of the biggest names in the league since then as well. Let’s take a look at what they accomplished…

Connor Barr was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2011. His speed on the bases, defense and hard throwing left arm made him a big pick up for the Chuckers that year. Connor was a multiple time All Star, a 1 time All Star MVP, a multi time white glove winner and also played in 3 National Tournaments as part of the KWL Aces.

Mason Everett joined the league in 2009 when he brought in the Monday Night 40’s with his best buds and brother. Mason instantly became a force at the plate and was The NL Rookie of the Year in 2009. A multi time All Star who also was a 1 time All Star team captain. An all-around good dude that the league will miss for sure, again IF he is done. When he popped out to end Hitless’ playoffs last year he muttered “perfect way to go out, warning track power.” So we shall see.

Kevin Marszalek has done it all in the KWL. An All Star almost every year in the league since he joined it in 2009, Kevin made quite the impact on fellow KWLers. Marz started his career with a bang winning the AL MVP and CY Wiffle right off the bat. He is one of only 3 men to win the Triple Crown and also led his team to a KWL Championship in 2010. Marz would end up with 2 MVP awards, add a Yellow Slugger and was also a member of 3 KWL National Teams.

So as they say, all good things must come to an end. These 3 are big losses to the league but will leave us with some memories that will live forever. Marz has stated he will be sticking around to help with league operations and I am sure we will see Barr and Everett around at some point catching a game or two as well. Thanks again boys for all that you brought to the league and we wish you the best on your future endevours!

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