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Written by Josh Rhoton   
Wednesday, 28 June 2017 00:00


It’s about that time again folks…. NWLA time! Every year the National Wiffleball League Association hosts a national tournament for some of the best wiffleball leagues in the country. The KWL has appeared in the all of the NWLA sanctioned national tournaments.  Last year your boys from Kzoo finished 5th.  This year Josh Rhoton is looking to lead the team to the finals.  Below are the 2017 KWL Keggers!

Mike Hogan- Wiff This

-Hogan made his debut three years ago with the KWL Ace’s. “Death Stare” brings both a cannon for an arm at the mound and an active bat at the plate as well. Hogan has a NWLA career era of just 1.74.  In the 2016 tournament he struck out 24 of the 35 batters he faced, he allowed only 3 hit and 0 runs in his 10 innings of tournament pitching.  Look for Hogan to get plenty of work when double elimination play starts.

Thomas Scheffert - Shanghai Chuckers

-Scheffert is another player generated through the Quardokus Wiffle Combine.  This is his second year in the KWL and he's continued to develop his strong throwing arm.  Last year he was pretty much just gas on the mound, now we see that he's added a curve and slider to his arsenal.  Though his will be his first trip to the national stage expect him to throw multiple games in Morenci.

David Ayres- Scared Hitless

-This will be Ayres 6th year playing in a NWLA tournament….which is all of them! Last year, Ayres topped the leaderboards with a 19.0 K/BB ration and a 0.00 ERA (which he tied with Hogan).  He'll need to repeat these number if the Keggers are to go deep in the tournament.

Justin Gregory - PF Flyers

-Justin brings a feisty left handed bat to the roster that can get down the line quickly. With NWLA rules that is a must!  An all-around good guy that will bring a little extra energy to the KWL roster! Morenci teams most likely won't see him on the mound but he will get plenty of plate appearances.  In the 2016 tournament he had nearly a .300 avg and knocked in 12 runs.

Nate Thompson - Diablos

-Nate is the fastest player in the KWL, period.  He is a KWL all star but this will be his first trip to an NWLA event.  Opposing teams should watch him carefully on the base paths as he's well known for getting an extra base..or two.  Thompson is also expected to pitch at least one game on Saturday.

AJ Tate- Shangai Chuckers

-Another All-Time KWL great that will be making his third appearance in a NWLA tournament. Tate brings one of the best pitching arms a wiffler has ever seen to the roster! Tate became the first KWL pitcher to reach the 1000 K mark.

Mark Ford- Wiff This

-Mark is a veteran and KWL All Star. He brings athleticism to the squad with a good bat as well. His speed could translate in to extra hits under NWLA rules that are not always there in the KWL. He drinks beer too, so he is good in our books!

Josh Rhoton- Diablos

-This will be Rhoton’s 5th consecutive year in a NWLA tournament. The dude goes to hit, play defense and drink beer and that is normally all. However, this year he's also hoping to manage the Kegger's to make a championship run.  Josh has a .360 career batting avg in NWLA events.  In the 2016 tournament he also posted an ERA of 18.00, so don't expect him to get on the mound again this year.

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