Belly Itchers

Belly Itchers
Team Manager:
Name: Mike Downs

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M.Downs AJ Tate A.VanVorst R.Allen E.Yoder
Scouting Report

The Good:
Despite being unable to secure a 4th championship, the Belly Itchers are one the leagues elite! A transition year in 2010 brought in three good prospects; Adam VanVorst, Robby Allen and Eric Yoder, two of which (Allen and VanVorst) put on a pitching clinic! The 1-2-3 pitching rotation of Tate, Allen and and VanVorst could become a league wide wrecking ball.

The Bad:
The Itchers only knew of one thing in the KWL, and that was winning. But after being quickly ejected from the oh-10 postseason it could have them second guessing their ablity to compete.

The Ugly:
Tate and Downs were left to do the heavy lifting in the team's line-up. Tate set career highs in Hr's, Rbi's and Avg. At the same time, he set career lows in almost every pitching catagory.

The F-Ugly:
.261 Avg, 43 Hr's, and 115 Rbi's. Those are thier 2010 team averages. Compare those to the 3 year average during their championship run: .328 Avg, 55 Hr's, and 182 Rbi's. Definatly a much less dynamic offense.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
77-24, .762 win%
Playoff Record: 19-7, .730 win%
Division Titles: 2; '07, '09
Championships: 3; '07, '08, '09
Playoff Berths: 4

League Leaders - Pitching

Pitching ERA
Mike Hogan 1.32
Brian Colopy 1.89
David Ayres 2.73
Lee VanStreain 3.25
AJ Tate 3.50
Nate Thompson 3.76
Josh Ballard 4.50
Mark Ford 5.44
Thomas Scheffert 5.74
Nate Kissel 6.00
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