Team Manager:
Name: Josh Rhoton

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J.Noel J.Detamore A.Ross T.Leaym A.Nash J.Rhoton J.Buckallew
Scouting Report

The Good:
The Diablos look to be back on track with the addition of the reigning NL Rookie of the Year; Josh Rhoton and an outstanding rookie prospect; Jordan Buckallew. After a slow start last year, the Diablos have stepped it up a notch and have teams on notice with their ability to club the wiffleball!

The Bad:
The team picked up some new key guys, but at the same time they’re not getting a whole lot younger! With 4 key veterans eyeing retirement this could be the last hoorah for the original version of the red and black devils.

The Ugly:
The team is full of free swingers. Swinging away can get them into trouble when facing strong pitching. Without focus these guys can swing at nonsense and find themselves down in games they should probably win.

The F-Ugly:
The Diablos team ERA always floats around 4 runs a game. Although, this isn’t terrible when you score 9.5 runs a game, the playoffs are always about pitching, pitching and more pitching! Some question if they have the right team makeup to win the Mullany Cup?

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
84-68, .552 win%
Playoff Record: 7-9, .388 win%
Division Titles: 1
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 2


American North W L
Glory Days 38 21 7
The Sandlot 16 12
Friars 15 14
Underdogs 8 20
American South W L
Wiff This 44 17 11
PF Flyers 13 15
Shanghai Chuckers 11 17
Hauses and Bauses 8 20
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 6 24 4
Firebirds 0 0
Ice Cold Pitchers 0 0
Kentucky Waterfalls 11 17
National South W L
Diablos 11 24 4
5 Dollar Pitchers 19 9
Hall of Shamers 0 0
Graboids 4 24
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