Team Manager:
Name: Scott Twiss

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S.Twiss A.Dobbs M.Arnold B.Dobbs C.Phillips M.Schave Scouting Report The Good: Back for a second season! The Sidewinders are known as the league's "Closers" as they fight darkness and mosquito's being the last to leave the park! One can not leave before the booze is gone and this co-ed team abides. Roster is made up of two FunStars (Becci and Michelle) and four "snakes". The Bad: Matt Schave likes to wear Schmedium Shirts and enjoys hot dogs more then any self respecting man should. Team Captain Twiss may have to worry about Matt leaving to join the cast of Jersey shore! The Ugly: The girls are swinging bigger bats then the guys and they also pushed for a logo color change to incorporate pink. I think we all know who's hitting clean-up for this co-ed band. The F-Ugly: The team mascot costume is handmade and sketchy at best. The sweat stains and odor are linked to Adam Dobbs. Franchise History Year Founded: 2010 All-time Record: 3-25, .107 win% Playoff Record: 0-0, .000 win% Division Titles: 0 Championships: 0 Playoff Berths: 0


American North W L
Glory Days 38 21 7
The Sandlot 16 12
Friars 15 14
Underdogs 8 20
American South W L
Wiff This 44 17 11
PF Flyers 13 15
Shanghai Chuckers 11 17
Hauses and Bauses 8 20
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 6 24 4
Firebirds 0 0
Ice Cold Pitchers 0 0
Kentucky Waterfalls 11 17
National South W L
Diablos 11 24 4
5 Dollar Pitchers 19 9
Hall of Shamers 0 0
Graboids 4 24
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