5 Dollar Pitchers

5 Dollar Pitchers
Team Manager:
Name: Eric Grimm

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E. Grimm D. Hebner K.Marlowe P.Shaler T.Gonzelez J.Tarner
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The Good:
The "Fun and Games" culture hit the door when Marlowe entered it. The $5 Pitchers have become one of the feistiest teams in the league, as well as one of the stingiest! Runs are scored at a premium, games are normally always close!

The Bad:
Grimm's Ipod pollutes the park weekly; you will have to suffer through "Baby Got Back" as well as some "Nickelback"!

The Ugly:
As stingy as the pitching is, getting run support for their pitchers is often worse then squeezing a nickel out of Scrooge McDuck!

The F-Ugly:
Second hand smoke inhalation! Make sure you park downwind of their bench!

Franchise History Â
Year Founded: 2009
All-time Record:
48-59, .449 win%
Playoff Record: 1-2, .333 win%
Division Titles: 0
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 1
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