5 Dollar Pitchers

5 Dollar Pitchers
Team Manager:
Name: Eric Grimm

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E. Grimm D. Hebner K.Marlowe P.Shaler T.Gonzelez J.Tarner
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The Good:
The "Fun and Games" culture hit the door when Marlowe entered it. The $5 Pitchers have become one of the feistiest teams in the league, as well as one of the stingiest! Runs are scored at a premium, games are normally always close!

The Bad:
Grimm's Ipod pollutes the park weekly; you will have to suffer through "Baby Got Back" as well as some "Nickelback"!

The Ugly:
As stingy as the pitching is, getting run support for their pitchers is often worse then squeezing a nickel out of Scrooge McDuck!

The F-Ugly:
Second hand smoke inhalation! Make sure you park downwind of their bench!

Franchise History Â
Year Founded: 2009
All-time Record:
48-59, .449 win%
Playoff Record: 1-2, .333 win%
Division Titles: 0
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 1

League Leaders - Pitching

Pitching ERA
Mike Hogan 1.32
Brian Colopy 1.89
David Ayres 2.73
Lee VanStreain 3.25
AJ Tate 3.50
Nate Thompson 3.76
Josh Ballard 4.50
Mark Ford 5.44
Thomas Scheffert 5.74
Nate Kissel 6.00
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