Shanghai Chuckers

Shanghai Chuckers
Team Manager:
Name: John Quardokus
Mobile: 269-532-2337

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Fun Fact: Lowest seed to win a playoff series as a #7 seed vs #2 Scared Hitless.

2014 Recap: The Chuckers opened the season losing 9 of their first 13. They turned their season around winning 9 of their next 10, before falling in 3 of their last 5. This got them into the Play-in opening game where they defeated the Graboids 5-3 to lock in the 7 seed.

2015 Goals for the season: After winning their 1st playoff series they should be looking to replicate that feat. Continue to get consistent play from Conor and John Q and this team will be able to compete for a division title. Getting over that Semi-Final loss is the next hump for the Chuckers.

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