Shanghai Chuckers

Shanghai Chuckers
Team Manager:
Name: John Quardokus
Mobile: 269-532-2337

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J. Quardokus T. Mausen J. VanTreese M. Quardokus C.Barr N.Smith Scouting Report Become a Fan! The Good: One of the strongest team defenses in the entire league which gives them an opportunity to keep games close, even against the best teams. They run the bases aggressively which helps them manufacture runs even if their bats are struggling. Injected with a little young blood with Conor, the Chuckers could finally claw their way back to around .500. The Bad: Like the Katy Perry song, their hitting is 'hot and then cold', which puts them in a pinch at times when in need of that "big hit". It is also rumored that John Q has chosen to go retro and bring his short shorts out of his attic! The Ugly: Tend to struggle early in the season before finally picking up some wins. They will need to crack this code and find some success early as the second half may be too late. The F-ugly: "Chuckers" is a bit misleading, over the last three seasons the Chuckers have surrendering an average of 5.58 runs a game! Franchise History Year Founded: 2008 All-time Record: 62-94, .397 win% Playoff Record: 0-0, .000 win% Division Titles: 0 Championships: 0 Playoff Berths: 0


American North W L
Glory Days 19 9
Friars 18 10
Shanghai Chuckers 16 13
Underdogs 10 18
American South W L
Wiff This 17 11
PF Flyers 35 16 13
The Sandlot 15 13
Hauses and Bauses 9 19
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 19 22 6
Firebirds 16 12
Kentucky Waterfalls 14 14
Ice Cold Pitchers 4 24
National South W L
Diablos 3 25 3
Graboids 15 15
Lemons 0 0
5 Dollar Pitchers 10 18
Hall of Shamers 0 28
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