Team Manager:
Name: Kevin Marszalek

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K. Marszalek P. Wolf B.Gladysz M.Brink
Scouting Report

The Good:
After streaking through the Playoffs to capture their first championship in 2010, the Friars led by none other than Kevin "the Icon" Marszalek, continue to look to turn this franchise into a dynasty. A 65% winning clip has put them at the top of the league for the last several years! Reached the Championship series in 2012, only to come up short against Scared Hitless in one of the best Township Series match-ups in years!

The Bad:
Purchasing Playoff "Trip Insurance" was option in the AL, but mandatory in the NL! The Friars jumped across the league and have found themselves battling with better competition week in and week out.

The Ugly:
The pitching staff was one of the strongest with Ross, Wolf and Brink. However, with Andy Ross's retirement before the 2013 campaign, the Friars have been left to pick up the 3rd spot in the rotation "by committee"!

The F-Ugly:
Free agent pickup Matt "Big and Tasty" Zobal smells like farts.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2009
All-time Record: 69-41, 627 win%
Playoff Record: 15-12, .556 win%
Division Titles: 3
Championships: 1
Playoff Berths: 4


American North W L
Wiff This 18 14 4
Shanghai Chuckers 14 6
Glory Days 12 6
Friars 38 11 7
PF Flyers 8 12
The Sandlot 7 13
Underdogs 6 14
Angry Balls 5 13
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 3 15 3
Diablos 26 11 5
Firebirds 11 7
5 Dollar Pitchers 7 9
Ice Cold Pitchers 5 13
Graboids 2 16
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