Team Manager:
Name: Bryan Jennings

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B. Jennings T. Pedrolini S. Wielenga K. Hess D. Meach B.Barber
Scouting Report

The Good:
The Gentlemen once again resembles that of the championship caliber sqaud that haunted the KWL in 2007 and 2008. Bringing Brian Barber back into the fold was a no brainer and he will quickly jump back on board as the team's Ace. A once questionable back end of the rotation, is now formitable to compete with the elite.

The Bad:
.265 (132-498). This is what Tony and Scott have hit combined over the last two seasons. Combined they hit .384 (182-474) during the aforementioned 07/08 seasons!

The Ugly:
As goes Jennings, so go the Gentlemen. For two straight seasons, BJ has suffered two major injuries that have kept him from performing at a high enough level to carry the team. The $100 question for this team will be whether #42 will pull a #24 and have an injury plaqued twilight.

The F-Ugly:
It is rumored that a couple of members of the Gentlemen do not wash their jerseys until the end of the season!

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2007
All-time Record:
68-32, .680 win%
Playoff Record: 7-10, .411 win%
Division Titles: 2
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 3
TSFC Championship: 1; '09
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American North W L
Shanghai Chuckers 8 5
Wiff This 8 5
Friars 7 6
PF Flyers 7 6
Special K's 6 6
Angry Balls 6 7
The Sandlot 3 8
National North W L
Glory Days 11 2
Diablos 5 7 4
Growlers 6 3
The Scared Hitless 18 6 7
Ice Cold Pitchers 3 5
Graboids 3 10
Firebirds 1 8
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