PF Flyers

PF Flyers
Team Manager:
Name: John Liberty

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J.Liberty G.Couch J.Martin I. Cohen A.Faber J.James
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The Good:
The Flyers have one goal in 2011; not be found anywhere near the Tom Selleck! Five returning players and one solid offseason acquisition (Justin James) make up your new and improved Pfffff! A very encouraging FallBall has the Flyers excited to see what Jeremy Martin can do with a fresh start in 2011. Ira, Jers and Lib will be used as the primary hurls, which should be good enough to keep them alive for that coveted playoff spot when the end of July comes.

The Bad:
.245 represents the second best average on the team last season behind Liberty. If the Pffff crew doesn't start producing, Lib is bound to find himself being walked in key situations.

The Ugly:
They put themselves in position to make a possible playoff run in oh-10, however came up shooting blanks in the games that mattered.

The F-Ugly:
J-Lib's team struggled with attendance throughout their entire first summer. They often found themselves out of rotation and pitching matchups just didn't line up. The lack of commitment defiantly cost them late.

Franchise History
Year Founded: 2010
All-time Record:
59-51, .536 win%
Playoff Record: 6-4, .600 win%
Division Titles: 1
Championships: 0
Playoff Berths: 1


American North W L
Wiff This 18 20 8
Shanghai Chuckers 19 9
Glory Days 19 9
Friars 38 15 13
The Sandlot 13 16
PF Flyers 12 17
Underdogs 8 20
Angry Balls 8 20
National North W L
The Scared Hitless 3 23 5
Diablos 26 21 7
Firebirds 14 14
5 Dollar Pitchers 10 18
Ice Cold Pitchers 10 18
Graboids 5 23
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