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Written by Brian Lewis   
Friday, 12 July 2013 14:47

Around the Horn; Diablos by Brian Lewis

The Diablos are a strong but generally mysterious group.  I decided to catch up with their captain Jim Noel to get some more details on this devilish team.  We met on the 12th tee during their Monday night golf league.  Jim said this was the best spot because you’re relatively safe from Detamore’s tremendous club tosses and the beer cart girl hangs around here a little longer.

  • You’ve always had a strong team, why is this group doing so well this season?
    • Mostly because of last year. We won our last 9 games (we've won 26 of 27 dating back to last year), and still wasn't enough to make the playoffs. These boys are determined !!

  • Where are you getting your new young talent?  How much are you paying your scouts for finding these gems?
    • New talent has to get approval from ALL the Diablos. We are a fun bunch to be around so it’s not hard to find players. New contracts are signed in bars, restaurants, any place that sells beer.

  • The Diablos are pretty well known for philanthropy.  I did some background work and over the years you’ve donated 3,455 dollars in empties to the homeless community of greater Kalamazoo.  Do you have any plans to expand your charitable contributions?
    • Can you get deposits back on wine bottles?? I don't think we can drink any more than we currently no.

  • What made your team decide to throw the ball around the horn?  How has it made a positive impact?
    • It seems to have a positive impact. The "Hadaga" short for "around the horn" pumps the pitcher up mainly. Hell, I really don't know why.

  • People always get a good laugh at the “Jameyball”.  How long did it take Detamore to develop such an unorthodox pitch?
    • It was originally my pitch. The Himmeeball is unhitable. You throw it down directly in front of you.99.9% of the time it’s a ball (I did have someone swing at it), but still unhitable. Jamey has taken over and throws a similar version of it.

  • You’ve always had a good crowd at your games, how have you drawn such a strong fan following?
    • First, our fans are pretty HOT too.  I think they show up because chicks dig the long ball. Check out our homeruns this season.

  • Who’s more intense Adam Ross or Bobby Knight?
    • Equally as intense !!  Although ,I've never seen Adam throw any furniture or punch anyone. Yet

  • What’s your take on the playoffs this year?  Who do you see as being a sleeper team that might make a run?
    • Hitless seems to be pretty good.  Haven't played them yet though.   I think you will see one of the old reliables  (BellyItchers or Industrials) grab one of the last playoff spots.  I don't think we have ever had a year when one of them wasn't in it.
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